Gifting is a tradition in our society. We exchange gifts with each other on special occasions, festivals and special days. Gifting is a way to send love to each other. We have to give gifts now and then but many people are not aware of the way of gifting. People make mistakes while gifting and thus face embarrassment. If you want to make your recipient feel loved and special then you should avoid mistakes while gifting. People don’t realize that gifting is an art. If done well leaves an everlasting impression on the recipient. 

If you want to be an artist in gifting then you should know the tactics behind it. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid while gifting. 

Buying gift of your choice-

People mostly make the mistake of choosing gifts according to their preference. This is the biggest mistake ever. We should keep in mind that as a giver we need to cater for the choices of the recipient, not us. They are to be solely considered while picking up gifts. Your choices don’t matter in gifting to your loved ones because the ultimate aim of gifting is to make them feel special. What’s the point of gifting if the recipient doesn’t appreciate it wholeheartedly?

Being too personal-

It is very important to keep this in mind that while picking up gifts for your loved ones you don’t cross their boundaries. Items like lingeries, undergarments, pyjamas, body lotion etc are quite a personal thing that a person prefers to be of their choice. So save yourself from the embarrassment by not choosing these things as gifts especially. 

Presentation matters-

Presentation is everything. People think that the inside object matters most, not the way of presenting it. But this is the wrong notion. Presentation is as important as the gift inside. So take an extra moment to wrap the gift in an aesthetic way to make it appealing for the recipient. Put a nice wrapping paper or paper bag around it and don’t forget to add a handwritten love note to add a personal touch. It won’t cost you much but will impress the recipient.


Regifting is quite a common habit of people. This is the biggest mistake ever. Regifting can sometimes put you in trouble and you might face embarrassment. Your act of regifting might offend the person who gifted you and even the recipient you are gifting it. It’s better to donate that gift to charity than think of re-gifting it. These days you can easily send gifts online to your loved ones.

Over Gifting-

People take gifting as a competitive event to show off their financial status. This should not be done. Gifting is an act of sharing love, not a competition. A gift with a higher price value doesn’t define the amount of love and effort being put into it. It can make the recipient feel uncomfortable rather than feel special. So put a humble effort in picking gifts that reflect the recipient’s personality not pointing to their financial status. 

Quality over quantity-

To impress the recipient people focus on quantity, not quality. This is not the right thing to do. Quality always matters over quality. A good quality gift lasts longer and puts an everlasting impression rather than a cheap quality gift that doesn’t last. With an online delivery system available you can send gifts to India from the USA.

Random selection-

You might have seen people make gifting a formality task and thus they pick random showpieces from the market for the same without considering the recipient’s preference. This mistake should be strictly avoided if you want the recipient to remember your gift forever. It is very important to consider the occasion and person before selecting gifts. Personalized gifting can be one way to resolve this issue. You can get personalized gifts for your special ones.

I hope you like and found the article helpful. I am sure if you will follow these above-mentioned points and avoid such mistakes while gifting you will be an effective gifter. Impress your loved ones with gifts on their special occasion.

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