Choosing the right smartwatch is just like choosing the smartphone. There are unlimited options to choose from. Whichever smartwatch you pick, you can do the same task such as making calls, sending texts, and running apps. Best smartwatches under 5000 offer various functions and features, which make finding the right smartwatch for you. We’re here to clear up that confusion so you know how to choose the right smartwatch for your specific needs. So, we’ve listed the factors you should consider before buying the right smartwatch. 

What Factors You Should Consider Purchasing Buying A Smartwatch

Below, we’ve listed some factors to consider before buying the right smartwatch for you. 

1- Compatibility

Compatibility with your device is the most important factor while buying the right smartwatch. Both the smartwatch and your mobile phone are connected with Bluetooth but the compatibility depends on the operating system. Many smartwatches such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 use Android OS which means they can communicate with the Android phone. 

On the other hand, the Apple Watch can communicate with the IOS device. There are products like Pebble and Alcatel One Touch, which work with both Android and IOS devices. 

2- Answering The Call

Different smartwatches respond to calls in different ways. Smartwatches allow users to accept and decline the call and activate the microphone, speaker and headphones for the conversation. Both Apple Watch and Android watch allows users to answer the call and carry out the conversation directly from the watch, leaving their phone in their pocket and bag. 

3- Notification

Another useful function in smartwatches is push notifications. There is no need to take your phone out of your pocket! For example, smartwatches show alerts for emails, appointments, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. While Apple Watch allows you to respond directly from the watch. 

4- Apps

Most smartwatches have Play Store so you can get apps like Facebook, Instagram, and many more. The main difference between different smartwatches is that they have different app availability. So, this is a good way to choose the best smartphone for you. Apple has more than 6000 apps. It includes some cool functions that are able to control your sound system with a few taps. 

5- E-Health Tracking

If you’re fitness-conscious you may want your smartwatch to work as a fitness tracker. Some watches have in-built GPS such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch has an in-built heart rate monitor. Some smartwatches don’t have fitness tracking capability but most will allow you to download a cycling or running fitness app. 

6- Battery Life

Battery life is one of the biggest factors to consider before buying a smartwatch. Apple watches can work up to a single charge. The watches that use the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor support extended battery mode which is believed to get you up to five days on a charge. 

A few smartwatches support fast charging too. For example, Apple stated that series 6 will go 0 to 80% in just half an hour and be fully charged in 90 minutes.  The One Plus watch can go 0 to 43% in just 10 minutes. 

7- Music

Your watch not only tracks your fitness but also plays music. Many smartwatches allow you to save music. So you can wireless earbuds and listen to music without bringing your phone. Those who don’t have onboard storage for music, have on-watch music controls, so you can control playback without whipping up your phone. And if your watch has LTE, there’s no need for local save—you’ll be able to stream music directly from the watch to your paired earbuds.

What Are The Different Types Of Smartwatches?

There are many types of smartwatches launched by the most popular brand. 

Most Popular Smartwatches Brand

Below, we’ve listed some most popular smartwatch brands. 

  • General use smartwatches.
  • Fitness focus smartwatches.
  • Budget smartwatches.
  • Luxury smartwatches.
  • GPS smartwatches. 
  • Hybrid smartwatches.
  • Smartwatches for sports. 

1- Apple

Today, Apple is one of the best brands in all its products including smartwatches. It is the ultimate device for a healthy life. Its latest product in smartwatches is the Apple watch series 6. 

2- Samsung

Samsung is also a well-known brand with a lot of followers. Samsung offers the best product including smartwatches. These watches keep your life on track by measuring your heart rate, blood sugar level and blood pressure. 

3- Fitbit

Fitbit is an American Fitness company and consumer electronics company that manufactures smartwatches, activity trackers, and wireless-enabled wearable technology that measure data such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed, and other personal data involved in fitness. 

Where You Should Buy Smartwatches 

These days smartwatches are in trend. You can go to the nearby store and purchase them. If you want to purchase a smartwatch online, you should either buy it from the main website or buy it from online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. 

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