Hyderabad is known for the city of Mughals and Nizams, situated along the bank of the Musi river. It is the largest city and the capital of Telangana. When you visit the city you’ll witness the charm that is set by this city. The beautiful architecture and monument will force you to admire it. This city is home to traditional and ancient markets and is famous for Hyderabadi biryani. Hyderabad is one of the best tourist places in Telangana, which gives you a spectacular view. Here are t0 15 Unique interesting facts about Hyderabad that you must know if you’re planning a trip here. 

15 Interesting Fact About Hyderabad That You Must Know

Here, we’ve mentioned the 15 interesting facts about Hyderabad that you must know.

1- City Of Pearl

Hyderabad is one of the leaders in producing a natural pearl. Also, a major contributor to the diamond trade. Hence, it is known as the City of Pearls.

2- Biggest Monolithic Buddha Statue

The height of this statue is 18m and the weight is around 450 tons. This statue of Buddha is the biggest single statue in the world. 

3- A Densely Populated City

The population of this city is 6.8 million. Hyderabad is the 4th most populated city in India. 

4- The World Famous Biryani

The world-famous Hyderabadi biryani was introduced in India during the period of Nizam rule. People believed that biriyani came from Iran, where it originated. This biryani is made with rice, spices, chicken or other meat. There are 140 varieties of Hyderabadi biryani. 

5- Biggest IMAX Screen In India

Prasad IMAX theatre is the biggest 3D screen in Hyderabad, India with 72 x 95 height and width. Also, it is one of the most attended screens in the world.  It is the most visited place in Hyderabad with a capacity of 635.

6- Kohinoor Belonged To Hyderabad

Kohinoor is a 105 Karat priceless diamond and is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. People believed it was mined here and taken by the British and still in the UK.

7- Hi-Tech City

Hyderabad is referred to as the Hi-tech city and is one of the fastest growing IT cities in India. Various companies are established in this city such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, Nokia, Dell, AMD, Accenture, and many more. 

8-The Best Convention Centre In India

Whether it is an event, exhibition or conference the convention centre provides the best cities in India with a sitting capacity of 2500 people in 53 acres of area.

9- Twin Of Bollywood

After Bollywood (the hind film industry), Tollywood (the Telugu film industry ) is considered the second-largest film industry in India. 

10-Residence Of Indian President

Hyderabad is the residence of India’s President Ram Nath Kovind. It is located at Bolarum, Rashtrapati Nilayam is a single storey building. After the independence of India, it was taken from the Nizam of Hyderabad and handed to the President secretariat. At least once a year the president of India visits Rashtrapati Nilayam and conducts official business for this Nilayam.

11- The City Of Artificial Lake

Hyderabad is the city of artificial lakes such as Hussain Sagar, Osman Sagar, and Himayat Sagar are the most popular among the 140 lakes in Hyderabad. 

12- The World’s Biggest Film Studio Is Here!

The Ramoji Film city is one of the biggest film studio complexes in the world with a massive area of 2000 acres. 

13- Hometown Of The Indian Tennis Sensation

Sania Mirza is one of the most popular tennis players from Hyderabad. She is known as the Indian Tennis Sensation. 

14- The Landmark Of Hyderabad

Built by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591, the Charminar is, in fact, a symbol of this city. With a height of 56 metres surrounded by four minarets or towers, Charminar is a must-visit place in the city.

15- Engineer Hub

Hyderabad is known for its educational infrastructure. More than 35o colleges are located in Hyderabad. The Ranga Reddy district in Hyderabad has the most engineering colleges in a city in India. Some of the well-known colleges are BITS Pilani, IIT Hyderabad and many more. 

16- Seventeenth Oldest City In India

Hyderabad has the seventeenth oldest city in India established in 1981 by Osman Ali Khan. Osmania University is one of the reputed universities with 17,000 admissions in all courses. 

17- Hyderabad Is Too Old

Hyderabad is one of the oldest rock formations on the planet, around 2500 million years old. 

18- Hub Of Irani Chai

Irani chai is a Persian brand of tea. There are 25 Irani chai cafeterias in the city, including Nimrah Cafe, Hotel Iqbal, and many more. 

In the final word, these are the 20 unique interesting facts about Hyderabad that you must know. Hyderabad is one of the second most visited in India, which gives you a spectacular view. 

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