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Inspired by the desert landscape, lehariya or Leheriya is a simple style of tie and dye from the state of Rajasthan, India.  It is basically a resist dyeing method wherein the fabric is tied strategically to create complex patterns. Leheriya print fabric is traditionally seen in bright colours. It has a very distinctive striped or wave-like pattern.  These wave like designs or leher is the Rajasthani word for waves and the designs are inspired by natural patterns made by the wind blowing across the desert sands of Rajasthan.

Since its origin, the leheriya pattern has dominance over other fabrics in the modern fashion industry. Within the domain of tie and dye, leheriya is one of the most widely famous and common designs. One of the most commonly used fabrics for leheriya dye are georgette, chiffon and leheriya cotton fabric because of their lightweight. 

The light and vibrant variant of Nigeria is best for spring and summer. The colourful fabric in the form of a dupatta is unique and you can carry it to adorn with salwar kameez of solid colour. Eventually, you also can carry it up with Indo-Western attires to add a splash of vibrancy and colour. There are a number of alternatives for leheriya outfits and we list some of them for the upcoming monsoon season. 

Salwar kameez

The best of all outfits out of leheriya is salwar kameez. There are various alternatives available while picking up leheriya fabric for salwar kameez. You can carry it either in the form of salwar or kurta. You can also go with a full matching leheriya kurta with a leheriya bottom. If you want you can also add leheriya in your dress up by just putting leheriya dupatta with a simple salwar suit. You can also pick a simple leheriya anarkali suit with floor length kurta to slay in the monsoon.

Leheriya saree

Leheriya sarees are a must include outfit in your wardrobe if you are altering it for monsoon season. With a high level of skills and experience, crafts create vivid patterns and elegant crafts of leheriya. Mostyle chiffon material is highly usable in making the leheriya sarees. Owing to its strip patterns, leheriya sarees give an aesthetic look. 

These sarees look extremely gorgeous on casual occasions. Those lovely patterns increase the grace of your pallu. Leheriya sarees are highly popular among not only Indian designers but also Bollywood celebrities. So, owning one or two by is a cardinal rule for every Indian fashion lover.


If you are the one who gets bored with the salwar suit or saree. If you want to carry leheriya in some relaxed and comfy way then kaftan outfits are just for you.  You can also customise your own version of kaftan out of your favourite fabric. One shoulder kaftan will be the limelight of the show. You can choose any fabric for designing your outfit but keep remember to purchase high quality material. 

To buy high quality leheriya fabric online for your dress, you can explore fabriclore’s leheriya collection. Here you will get some amazing screen prints with a touch of cotton. 


If you want to blend traditional art with modern and trendy outfits then pick shara with leheriya pint. Shara is so beautiful and voluminous that everyone wanna include it in their collection. With lightweight fabric, create a vibrant fusion of shara with leheriya in this summer season. 

Maxi dresses 

What could be the best way to slay in this monsoon season then maxi dress. Due to its flexibility and aesthetic look you can drape it in multiple ways. You can pick this one for day out, shopping or outing. Remember monsoon is a weather full of humidity so design your maxi outfit with lightweight, sheer and comfy fabric. 

Leheriya fabric is a vibrant craft in itself and when it comes to outfits, nothing can beat this pattern. For monsoon season cotton leheriya fabric would be best choice. So be ready to slay in this monsoon season with some amazing and colourful leheriya outfits.

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