Valley of Flowers Trek: Beginner’s GuideOverview


Do you want to visit the most stunning, yet easy location to trek? Here is the answer to your query. The Valley of Flowers – a Himalayan hike that offers stunning views of the Himalayas.

A full of adventure and fun the trek offers an unforgettable experience in The valley of the flowers that initially was discovered by Britishers and then came across the valley that was adorned with beautiful flowers. The place was named the Valley of Flowers.


Valley of Flowers is a national park situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The area covers an area of 88 square.

The journey that is Valley of Flowers can be described as the valley of blooms passes through thick woods, and along the Pushpawati waterway. It can be traversed by crossing many structures, icy masses, and cascades along the route. This stunning natural beauty has been declared an Indian National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site displaying lush knolls that are adorned with snow-capped endemic flowers and other species of fauna that live in the valley.

Things to be kept

  • Warm clothing such as sweatshirts, pullovers, long sleeves T-shirts and thermals, warm inside clothes, etc.
  • Waterproof trekking shoes for trekking in snow or rain, make sure you are comfortable with the sturdy soles.
  • A water bottle or thermos inside the case of warm water.
  • Cosmetics such as sunscreen cream, moisturizer body lotion, body wash, Lip balm, lip wash and so on.
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap/hat
  • A head torch or flashlight with batteries for extra – in hilly regions, usually there’s a big problem with electricity, so a torch is vital, particularly at night.
  • Raincoat or wind sheeter
  • Medicines to treat medical emergencies
  • First Aid Kit for any physical injuries that occur during your travel
  • Toiletries
  • An extra pair of clothes and shoes
  • Camera (Very crucial as it is the item that is going be capturing these amazing moments in your life as well as the stunning panoramas)
  • Food items like sacks that are easy to carry since there aren’t any eating points

Where should we begin?

Start on time from Ghangaria to be able to keep an extra current time when you reach the Valley of Flowers.

Because of safety concerns, the people aren’t allowed to stay overnight inside the valley flowers, so they must return to Ghangaria and Govindghat to seek shelter to sleep in and set up camp. You can also arrange your accommodation at the private hotel in Ghangaria.

It takes between 5-6 hours, and walking and exploring for this time is exhausting and exhausting. Therefore, it is suggested to carry food items and snacks with you since there are no food outlets throughout the valley. A packed lunch and some snacks are better to bring along with you when you go. There’s a seven-kilometer trail that runs from Pulna towards Bhyundar village, where you can see cold waterfalls, water springs that cascade and the most beautiful natural beauty. The place is full of wild rises and shrubs, creating a place that is more than heaven.

The area is also pink and red due to the stunning Rhododendron trees that add colour to the pathway.


Valley of Flowers as the name implies is full of beautiful, pretty and fragrant flowers that adorn the entire place and leave you in awe. It is among the most breathtaking locations you’ve seen in your lifetime. The area is home to a wide range of wildlife and flora and is a renowned place for those who love to travel, friendship wildlife photography, landscape photography or nature photography and millions of international tourists visit the area each year. It is believed to be in bloom and change shades from May until October.

Valley of Flowers is famous for its vibrant and variant flowers, which make the beautiful views of the blooms superb mountains of the Himalayas.

The best time to go

The ideal time to visit the area is during monsoon time because it’s only accessible during the monsoon season which are June through October. The flowers are blooming more than ever. When tiny droplets of water fall onto soft petals of gorgeous flowers, it makes the setting even more beautiful. The season of storms is when the flowers are spread across the floor creating the appearance of a flower blanket covering the entire path. Imagine that walking down the path, it’s nothing anything less than a nightmare that makes you feel as if you’re in a magical land. If you are looking for the largest quantity of flowers, you must visit between the months of July and August.

The Valley of Flowers journey is extremely exhausting, therefore travellers should be physically mentally and physically prepared for the journey. So you need to be physically fit to go on the whole trip.

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