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If you ask ladies to name their hot favorite collection of dress materials, then their answer will be none other than designer sarees. Draped with a high level of perfection and available in a wide range of styles, this particular apparel will never go out of fashion.

Sarees make the wearer look highly classy, ethnic, and elegant. Especially at a party, exclusively manufactured designer sarees will help ladies to become the center of attraction.

Are you planning to stock up your wardrobe with some exclusive collections of sarees this year? Not getting where to start from? Relax! Below are some exceptional types of sarees that must be included in your wardrobe.

What are the 10 Different Types of Sarees to Include in a Wardrobe?

If you are planning to be the center of attraction and star at the party, then do not forget to include an exclusive collection of sarees in your wardrobe. Though every designer saree is best at its place, below is a list of ten different types of sarees that will make you look highly gorgeous at the party:

Ruffle saree  

If you love sarees with a classy look, then a ruffle saree will be the most preferable choice. It is one of the fresh trends that get renewed according to modern culture.

The solid pastel and retro-style ruffle sarees will help you to set yourself apart in the crowd. It can be easily worn in a simple style like that of a native. Also, you will be able to add a touch of oomph by pleating the saree.

Ikat saree

Ikat saree is another exclusive type of saree that is famous for its unique print. It is inclusive of a specific type of process of dyeing where the clothes are tied in bundles before dying.

If you are a fashion gig, then putting on this particular type of saree will let you enjoy the latest trends in fashion. It is a great choice during the summer season.

Parsi Gara saree

The Parsi Gara saree is another timeless elegance that is known for its uniqueness. Its exclusive and unmatchable embroidery reflects a depiction of flora and fauna.

It is worn especially during wedding ceremonies and special occasions. The lovely combination of rose, chrysanthemum, and lily makes this saree highly unique.

Georgette saree in sharara style

Georgette saree in Sharara style in yellow is one more exclusive frill saree collection in the market. Pairing it with a silk blouse along with embroidered belt having a combination of sequin and thread will let you become the center of attraction. You can check Tirumala Designers to get the yellow sharara style georgette saree with pallu, paired with the belt and designer blouse.

If you love trying different types of fashionable clothes every day, then this saree will be a perfect match. It is suitable for office and cocktail parties.

Wrap-around ruffle designer saree

Wrap-around designer ruffle saree having a mustard yellow color is another exclusive saree that is popular today. If combined with an embroidered blouse, then it will be a great match.

As a blouse having detailed embroidery inclusive of exclusive sequins and Resham will be a perfect match. A great option for any get-together! Check the Tirumala Designers for more details about this saree.

Chanderi silk saree

 If you are about to get married and looking for an exclusive collection to wear during the sangeet ceremony, then Chanderi silk will be the right choice.

With a plethora of varieties available ranging from traditional art related to flowers to peacocks, you will be able to make the right choice.

Kalamkari saree

Originating in Andhra Pradesh, the Kalamkari saree is appreciated for comprising a variety of choices in terms of color. The intricate details make it among prime fascinations for draping.

Kalamkari sarees are suitable to wear at a party gathering. These sarees will help you to flaunt your style statement openly.

Kantha saree

 The Kantha saree is one more exclusive saree that is popular for its intricate embroidery work. It is famous for its exclusively decorative designs and patterns. The lovely stitches make them stand ahead.

The stitches will give an idea of the hard work involved in the drawing of the embroidery. The fabric used in the saree also gives it an extraordinary look.

Iconic white saree

 If you are looking forward to adding a glare of modernity that will give an awestruck feeling, then an iconic all-white saree will be a great choice. It reflects the right amount of charm and oozes the level of elegance.

Mul cotton saree

 Your search for a lightweight saree ends with a mul cotton saree. It is not only sheer but delicate and lovingly referred to as a woven wind. Its soft and feather-like feeling makes it a highly popular option.

These sarees come in different colors so that you can choose as per your desire. It is one of the super trendy options today.

These are some exclusive collections of sarees for your wardrobe. They will also reflect the fact that you are a fashion geek. You can check Tirumala Designers to get the most of the options at the online store.

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