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Over 95% of Facebook users access Facebook via their mobile devices. (followers on facebook)  More than 90% of Facebook users scroll through their newsfeeds and watch Tasty videos on their smartphones. And yes, you can click on ads.Facebook lead ads can be mobile-friendly and budget-friendly ads that help you reach your target audience and get more leads.

Jasper’s Market example of Facebook lead ads

But more leads don’t always mean better leads. These six steps will ensure your Facebook leads ads to capture leads and convert them into new clients or customers.

Let’s first clarify the basics before we jump into the simple steps to improve the quality of your ads to increase conversion rates.

What is lead advertising?

Facebook lead ads can be an excellent way for people to get in touch with your business and request information. They are the most effective ad unit to capture Facebook leads. The ad format is mobile-friendly and user-friendly. It allows potential customers to send you their contact details and further information about the products or services they are interested in. Lead ads not only allow customers to request information but also allow you to capture customer data for future targeting, even without the person visiting your site.

A call-to-action for lead form ads includes a call to action that opens a form with all information the user has provided via Facebook. These details can be edited and reviewed before being submitted.

Facebook lead ads eliminate the need to visit your site and make filling out lead forms quicker for your potential leads. What does this mean for you? These are just a few reasons lead ads can be a great addition to your Facebook marketing strategy.

  • Optimized to mobile: Pre-populated forms make it easy for potential customers to submit their data while on the go. People use mobile phones more often, making it even easier.
  • A lower drop-off rate means more conversions. Lead ads are simpler and more likely to be completed and sent by more people, giving you more people to retarget.
  • It is easy to reach people who matter to your business. People who have filled out forms are considered a “warm audience” and can be encouraged to convert.
  • You can customize forms: This allows you to request information specific to your business. It streamlines your sales process and makes it easier to find high-quality leads.
  • There are many benefits to Facebook lead ads beyond just generating leads. The format’s customizable nature allows you to use it for multiple purposes, such as book call-backs or manage quote requests.
  • CRM integration: Your lead form ads can be synced to your CRM for instant follow-up.

This Range Rover advertisement is our favorite Facebook lead advertising example.

Facebook Lead Form Ads: What can you use them for?

You should know your objective before you start creating an ad. (buy followers on facebook) These are just a few ways that you can use lead-form ads.

  • Collect email signups: Increase your email marketing and newsletter subscribers with lead ads. This will allow you to stay in touch with your customers and increase the size of your customer base for remarketing.
  • Manage inquiry forms: Ask potential customers questions and collect inquiries to learn more about their interests. This will allow you to respond to potential customers quickly and provide more pertinent information.
  • Offer special offers or promotions: To entice people to your business, offer them special deals and promotions. To access the value, get them to complete your lead form.

This 6-step guide will show you how to set up Facebook lead ads that convert like mad.

After I have explained what a Facebook lead advertisement is and how it works, I will give you tips on ensuring you produce high-quality lead ads that generate high-quality leads.

1. Give people an incentive to complete your lead ad

It would help if you offered something to get someone to provide their personal information. However, before you create your ad, it is essential to think about this. You can think of something specific to the business that offers you information at a low cost. 

Many lead ads offer content for free. This is great for those who want to expand their reach and increase their mailing list. However, if you provide a custom service, you might want to place a lead form ad offering a free consultation.

You could also offer other things in exchange for submitting forms:

  • Competition entry
  • Register for an event
  • Test drives
  • Newsletters
  • Access to new products and services early
  • Facebook lead ads deal

2. Find out what information is required

However, although lead ads can be a great way to get information from your target audience, it is essential not to request too much. This can make it difficult to find potential leads and could be demoralizing. This would counter the appeal of a simple, user-friendly lead formula ad. It would help if you only focused on the necessary information to achieve your goal. Facebook has many fields that you can use to request data. However, don’t let your mind be drawn to asking for more than you need.

3. Customize your questions

Facebook offers a wide range of questions you can include in your form. However, it would help if you asked customized questions to ensure you get the necessary information. Your business goals and the content of your lead ad will determine which questions you should ask.

These can be added to your form up to fifteen times, but it is better to have just one.

4. Make sure you target the right people

It would help to target the right people, as with all ad formats. A lookalike audience of your lead audience is the best audience to gain conversions. Upload a list of leads to target this audience. Next, create a 1-2% lookalike from this database. However, you can also target specific purchasers if you don’t wish to target all your leads. You can also target people that have already engaged with your company. To reach these people, you can use Facebook’s engagement targeting options.

5. Check the details

To ensure that the information you collect is correct and to prevent typos, create a page where people can check their details. However, this page can be used to check if someone’s contact information has changed since they last filled out their Facebook profile.

This option can be added to your form by selecting “Higher intent” in the form type selection.

Facebook Lead Ads Create Form

6. Personalize the thank-you page

After submitting their lead form, a customized thank-you page is a great way for people to keep in touch with your company. To increase brand awareness, add a headline and a call to action button to attract new leads.

Example of Facebook thank you page for lead ads

Thank you page via Copy Hackers

These CTAs are great for thank you pages.

  • Visit your website: Direct visitors to your site.
  • Download an Offer: This allows people to download white papers or coupons.
  • Contact business: Encourage prospects and customers to contact your company for more information.

Transforming Leads into Deals

Each of these six steps aims to personalize your ad to fit your business and reach your goals. These steps will help you attract prospects who will remain in your influence network and engage with your company. These high-quality leads are more likely to become new clients or customers.

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