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Video interview , a step in the recruiting process that is becoming more and more popular in companies, offers recruiters a significant time saving. It is an opportunity for applicants to support their application and stand out without having to travel.

The deferred video interview replaces the telephone phase of the pre-selection of candidates. It is a means of quickly and cost-effectively refine the selection of applications for the position to be filled. It allows you to select the best profiles before organizing a face-to-face meeting.

Whether you’re in charge of recruiting or a candidate on the other side of the camera, what can you expect when you’re about to have a delayed video interview ? Spotlight on this innovative recruiting technique.

Video interview and deferred video interview, what are we talking about?

classic video interview, such as a Skype job interview, is a virtual meeting between the recruiter and the candidate, involving both parties connecting to an online platform at the same time.

Recuriting video interview involves a set of pre-recorded questions, which allow both the recruiter and the candidate to choose the best timing . There is no direct interaction with the recruiter .

馃挕 This is not a video CV, which remains a creative and lively format of the CV, but a real layout that responds to the codes of the classic job interview.

How to prepare for a delayed video interview as a candidate?

Before the interview

You will receive an email invitation to attend the interview with a response time . The e-mail contains a link that allows you to access the platform.

A simple internet connection is all you need, no download required. You can connect anywhere and anytime and choose the best time for you, the one you feel ready for!

Once the tool is launched, the sequence of exercises is presented to you.

As soon as everything is ready, the interview can begin.

During the interview

Answer the recruiter’s pre-recorded questions with a limited response time. If the formulated answer is not the best, you usually cannot start over, but this may depend on the option chosen by the recruiter.

You may be asked to talk about your career path, explain your motivations, take a foreign language test, demonstrate your ability to master a software program, etc.

The questions are relatively simple at first, and are meant to get to know you better.

After the interview

Complete your performance and submit it. All that remains is to wait for the recruiter’s feedback.

鈩癸笍 Your video interview can only be used by the recruiter, and sometimes also by the team manager, for recruiting purposes. Your personal data cannot be used in any other way and you have the right to request its deletion at any time.

5 tips for dealing with a successful video interview

Tip 1: Prepare as you would for a conventional interview

The questions are generally simple: be efficient and get to the point. Write key ideas on a memo if you run out of time (but don’t read your notes!) And have your application documents or portfolio handy.

Tip 2: create the ideal conditions

Choose an environment that is suitable, comfortable, free of distractions and sources of stress – you have the ideal opportunity to present yourself in your best light. Film yourself in a setting that makes you look your best!

Tip 3: Practice in front of the camera

Rehearse your performance and film yourself if necessary to see the points that need to be corrected.

While you may be worried about speaking to yourself in front of a screen, you have every chance to help yourself to be successful by preparing.

Tip 4: Ensure the quality of the recording

The quality of the video will depend on several elements, which will need to be taken care of:

  • The camera must ensure a clear image. Your camera will be placed on a stable and level surface;
  • the frame: pay attention to the landscape behind you and make sure you are framed, ideally in landscape format;
  • the light must be as natural as possible and come from the front or side;
  • Sound is the most important point: use a lapel microphone, if possible, or use telephone headphones to avoid recording noises around you; express yourself audibly.

Tip 5: Be yourself

Do not try to take an exaggerated attitude: the recruiter does not want to see an actor in a role, but a future collaborator, who also has its imperfections. It is possible to completely rephrase an answer if you are not clear.

Be yourself, be professional, but above all human!

How do I conduct a deferred video interview as a human resources manager?

Before the interview

On the chosen interface, create a questionnaire and write your questions. You can choose how the questions appear: on video or in writing.

You decide the desired response time, how to respond and, if necessary, the number of attempts allowed to record responses.

The invitation is sent through the interface of the tool, which will be received by e-mail from the candidates with a deadline for receiving the interview.

During the interview phase

On your space dedicated to recruiters, you can follow each application and see the status of the video interviews, deferred or not.

After the interviews

Once you have received candidate feedback , you will view the videos at the appropriate time as soon as you have a slot in your schedule.

This creates a refined selection of the most relevant candidates for the job, to be kept for physical interviews in a second phase. The video interview allows in fact to bring out the famous soft skills, today as important as the hard skills that can emerge from a traditional CV.

5 tips to get the most out of the video format

Tip 1: tailor your questions to your recruiting process

Design your questionnaire based on your recruitment process and your goals: what do you expect from this pre-selection? What points are essential to the position and can you confirm or elaborate on them before the face-to-face interview?

Tip 2: Take into account the specifics of the video format

Take into consideration the difficulty and novelty of the exercise for most people who apply to be thoughtful.

Tip 3: Analyze soft skills

During the evaluation, evaluate each profile by noting any new elements, not revealed by the CV or cover letter, that favorably distinguish the candidate.

Analyze as much as possible, for example, the behavior and skills of the candidate for the position.

Tip 4: Work on the candidate experience

The best talent will evaluate your recruiting process before saying yes. Try to make the candidate’s experience as qualitative as possible (choice of tool, way of asking questions, exchanges before and after the interview, etc.)

The innovative side gives a modern image of the company, as well as the simplicity and transparency of the process. This works in favor of your employer brand: candidates, confidentially, maintain a positive image of your company.

Tip 5: Promote collaborative recruiting

Do not hesitate to solicit everyone involved in the recruitment process: you have the opportunity to share the interview or performance of your selected candidates with other stakeholders.

Profile analysis becomes collaborative and the same level of information is offered to each of your employees.

Video recruitment software solutions


Easyrecrue is one of the forerunners in the field of delayed video interviews. Specializing in this digital recruiting format, the company has been developing a predictive algorithm based on artificial intelligence for several years.

By studying non-verbal communication (gestures, intonation, silence, flow and volume of the voice, etc.), it provides recruiters with an analytical tool to better identify the personality of candidates and make the pre-selection process more relevant.


Kioskemploi offers through Gestmax offers a cutting-edge video interview management module within a broad recruiting solution. This will allow you to organize the video interview without entering the data several times.

Work Smarter by Appvizer

Trends and tips to be more efficient at work, right in your inbox.


You will also have the opportunity to send tests to candidates, starting with the language ones to get to the personality ones.


RecRight is a recruiting solution that offers deferred and live video interview capabilities. Campaign creation is very fast and saves a significant amount of time during the recruiting process.

The live video interview takes place on a SaaS platform: simple and fast, it does not require the creation of an account or any installation. With just one click, you can also invite your employees to participate in the interview.

Use the video interview to your advantage!

The strength of this tool lies in the great flexibility it offers in adapting to everyone’s constraints.

Choose now the tool that will prove most relevant to your facility and your hiring process and … action!

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