Back ache has become a common problem among individuals. The reason could be inadequate sleep, medications, lifestyle, poor mattress, and more. Yes, you read that right! A poor mattress may give you achy mornings. Often, your sleeping position may also cause your body to hurt. This is why your doctor recommends an orthopedic mattress for back pain.  

However, your painful mornings are associated with how long you are sleeping on your bed. Some studies say that the time for which you sleep affects the health of your spine. Let’s acquaint you with what happens when you sleep, how it causes back pain and the solution to your sleeping issues.

Functioning of Your Body When You Sleep 

When you enjoy your beautiful sleeping hours, your body performs many biological processes that include: 

  • Tissue regeneration
  • Hormone production
  • Formation of neural networks in the brain
  • Compounds’ production to reduce inflammation 
  • Replenishment of energy reserves

A peaceful sleep allows your body to recuperate from all day’s stress and anxiety. Giving your body proper rest allows your spine to decompress after long hours of sitting, running, walking, and lifting objects. An improper sleep steals your spinal health, allowing no time for it to fully generate. 

Does oversleeping affect spine health? 

Your spine plays an important part to keep you in a good posture, promoting restful nights for better sleep. Due to this comfort, you may sleep for more hours, however, oversleeping is linked to multiple health disorders that include heart disease, depression, and diabetes. Here are the possible reasons that contribute to oversleeping: 

  • Muscle Fatigue 

When you lay your back for more than the required hours, the muscles supporting your spinal curvature become fatigued. Resultantly, this causes muscle and back pain problems. 

  • Poor Sleeping Position 

During your long sleeping hours, it is obvious that your body may be lying in awkward sleeping positions, causing severe pain. The poor sleeping position makes you toss and turn the whole night.

  • Low-Quality Mattress

Oversleeping on a bad mattress impacts your spine comfort. When you sleep for more hours on a poor mattress, it creates pressure on your head, pelvis, and shoulders. It leads to back pain in the morning while affecting the natural curvature of your spine. 

Do you experience back pain after sleeping for 7-8 hours? You can consider shortening your sleep cycle and observing if it lowers back pain.

How do low sleeping hours affect your spinal health? 

Like oversleeping affects your spinal health, fewer sleeping hours also lead to back pain issues. The following are the reasons:

  • No Time for Muscle Recuperation 

When you find difficulty in sleeping, it reduces the time for your muscles to regain their power after a long day. It leads to muscle stiffness and back pain when you wake up in the morning. 

  • High Inflammation Levels

During your sleep, your body produces essential anti-inflammatory compounds. In case of interrupted sleep, these compounds are not produced in the right proportion to promote better sleep. It results in backaches. 

  • More Pain in Your Brain 

Sleep deprivation is linked to chronic pain and it may cause certain parts of your brain to be more receptive to pain signals. In this condition, you observe more back pain than normal and you find it difficult to sleep comfortably. 

A Solution to Your Peaceful Slumber – SmartGRID Mattress! 

Mattresses have an age defined between 8-10 years. After a certain time, it becomes saggy and worn out, offering uneven comfort to your body. To reduce your troubles sleeping at night, SmartGRID mattress is a smart solution. Here are the features that help you sleep peacefully:

  • With a balanced combination of the hyper-elastic gel material and their GRID technology, the SmartGRID mattresses follow your body shape to provide the right comfort. Irrespective of your sleeping position, these mattresses are great for your uninterrupted sleep at night. 
  • SmartGRID mattress is an orthopedic mattress for back pain as it relieves your back aches and joint pain problems. Comforting you the whole night, these mattresses promote rejuvenated mornings. 
  • While sleeping on ordinary mattresses creates pressure on your head, shoulders, and pelvis, the SmartGRID mattress adjusts according to your body. It offers firm support to your back and spinal length, maintaining the right body posture.

Summing Up 

Every second individual complains about back pain problems but may overlook the underlying reasons. If your mattress is the culprit, you should replace it immediately. Poor sleep affects your spinal condition, resulting in decreased overall wellness. 

If you suffer from joint & muscle pain, you should get an orthopedic mattress for back pain. Backed by a scientific approach and created with unique TPE material, The Sleep Company has created SmartGRID mattresses. This is India’s first and only mattress with GRID technology. It is the epitome of comfort, luxury, and the essence of a good night’s slumber. 

So, what are you thinking about? Bring home the comfort of your sleep right away! 

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