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A perfect shoe, matching with your outfit can flourish your look and elevate the level of your outfit. More over Shoes are an important accessory for women shoes depict a lot about the person such as his attitude, character and nature. Women’s who are so choosey regarding their outfit don’t take a single step back when it comes to shoe selecting this might be due to the fact. Women knows the majority of the people first look at pairs of shoes you are wearing to judge the personality of the person so they do their best to construct a perfect shoe wardrobe. A perfect wardrobe include shoes which can be worn in events from formal to casual. Using Lems discount code you can get your desired shoes at your best price.

Following are the different kinds of shoe women should have in their shoe wardrobe 


White pairs of sneakers can break your outfit, sneakers can pair with jeans, trousers, and shorts, sneakers give a perfect look to your personality, sneakers nowadays are used casually 

Birdies Cardinal Sneakers

These sneakers are comfortable to wear usually girls pair these shoes either with skirts or dresses  

Plimsoll Sneakers

These sneakers are usually worn without socks paired with skinny jeans with rolled. Revealing your ankle with these sneakers makes a fashion one more thing need to keep on mind never wear high socks 

Running Shoes

Women doing work out should at least have a pair of this shoe, during the workout we jump,we jog ,we lift heavy weight so shoes must have a strength to withstand the weight of our feet more over shoe should be cushion so that our feet remain save and balance

Black booties

 What defines the black beauty is the length of shaft rest of the material is as same as used in other shoes ,black booties can be in number of ways just as 

  • Wear black booties and skinny lovely jeans these outfits will be more suitable for women who are curvy and slim Black is slimming and with the right fit can make you look taller and slimmer.
  • You can also pair black booties with pulling over a nice leather jacket with T shirt 
  • Black jean, rip jeans or skinny will remain constant in every outfit because black is a universal attractive color you can style black jean with a white T-shirt layering with a shirt which you can left unbutton.


Loafer are easy to wear because loafers come in without lacing, for women Loafers are available in a wide variety of designs that can style in a number of ways with an outfit.

  • Loafer’s works with jeans with a length that shows a little ankle it will give a tempting look moreover if you want to try it out with a dress keep this in mind your dress must be above your knees.


Sandals are the perfect shoe for the summer and autumn season, it provides comfortable sole for your feet. As sandal is not like boots our feet can feel the airy breeze, sandal also comes in distinct design and color which can pair in different ways.

  • Wearing sandals with a dress can give your look clearer and clean more over your outfit will also allure 
  • Sandals are also wearable with denim jeans 

Nude pumps

You must have seen celebrities walking on the red carpets wearing nude pumps this shows how classy these shoes are if you are looking for a classic style then the best way is to wear these nude shoes with a monochrome outfit. For instance, you can try on a sweet-looking cream-beige pencil dress and complete it with a handbag and lovely nude pumps.


The shoe is an important accessory of women where an outfit is incomplete without it ………..offers good quality of shoes at a nominal discounts rate you will never regret after purchasing. Kurt Geiger promo code can help you save your money on shoes that you love the most.

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