Quaint Monsoon Staycations

In the big cities, everything happens according to plan. We lose track of life outside of our work space in the rush to meet deadlines or ace that main assignment. Weekends are an oasis of tranquility in this never-ending cycle of monotony. How often have we dreamt about escaping the smoggy streets of the capital to the open country on the weekends? The escape-oriented hill station of Lonavala makes the ideal weekend retreat for larger cities such as Mumbai and Pune. It is surrounded by waterfalls and lush valleys, and it is an excellent opportunity to get away from the city and reconnect with nature.

The rains are a pleasant detour and respite after the blistering heat, the blazing sun, and the extreme heat that could possibly lead you to dissolve. However, Bombay showers are notorious for being sticky, inconvenient, unclean, and every other negative word you can keep coming up with. With roads studded with huge potholes, water logging almost becoming the norm, and lanes saturated in muddy mud, the city almost comes to a halt. Undoubtedly, not a pleasant sight. However, Bombay has a distinct charm of its own that is almost captivating, just as if every coin has two sides. Dark clouds cover the city as the rain pours down; children emerge from their rooms to frolic in the wet.

All people will appreciate a break from the summer, but not everyone likes the sounds and sights of the rainy season. Furthermore, the rains bring about constant vehicles, muddy roads, and an identifiable stink. Though each coin has two sides, the time of rain also carries with it the promise of stunning scenery that will engulf both bustling cities and quiet hamlets, leaving a trail of scenic beauty in their wake. The showers are a flawless balancing act between everything that is romantic but mournful, thunderous yet soothing, sensitive yet shocking. It would be a shame not to make the most of this mysterious time. This season offers a diverse range of destinations to visit. As well as a variety of water activities to participate in. Nothing beats villas in Lonavala with pool

This area is ideal for a die-hard explorer because it is among the few places in India that offer a year-round skydiving membership. Aamby Valley is one of the most popular and convenient locations to go to feel the thrill of skydiving, and it is only a short drive from Mumbai. You will plunge over 10,000 feet into one of the most memorable adventures of your life after an hour-long training session teaching the basics of this adventurous activity. Ekostay is known for offering some of the best villas in Lonavala

Casper Villa In Lonavala –

This 4BHK villa amidst Lonavala’s rolling green hills is the pinnacle of serendipity. There are all the comforts one may require at the Ekostay Casper Villa in Lonavala. This Lonavala villa has a private pool, a large lawn, and a view of the valleys and hills. That Lonavala is known for from each of the house’s rooms. So unwind with your loved ones whilst enjoying outdoor games or having a plunge in the pool with lush florals. 

Octagon Farms In Lonavala-

A magnificent 8-bedroom villa with a private pool. Ekostay Octagon Farm Villas in Lonavala are the ideal place to start your mornings. Among the add features for pet lovers is the horse stable that is situate on the site. Its subdue interiors are vibrantly lit, illuminating the region. With its lush green vistas, cozy ambiance, and tranquil surroundings. This location is perfect for a weekend getaway with family and friends.

The Blackwaters of Pali Bhutivali Dam, Bhivpuri Waterfall, Kondana Caves, Kothaligad (Peth) Fort, Jain Temple, Ulhas Valley, Kondeshwar Temple, Bhor Ghat, and Bahiri Cave. Just add sites to explore in Karjat to your wish list. If you intend to escape boredom and participate in spine-tingling activities. Karjat, a tiny hill hamlet, is the ideal retreat from the hectic weekly routine. Karjat, located in the Raigad District of Maharashtra, has a very interesting site due to its location perched along the Konkan coastline.

It provides a diverse range of activities for all you adventurers, including river rafting, trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing. The monsoon season is the perfect time to explore this hill hamlet. Karjat has emerged as a charming tourist destination. With the Bhor Ghat in its environs as well as the flourishing lush flora. It serves as a gateway to Matheran, another mountain town. Karjat is well know for having the largest chain of country houses in India as well as its many beauty spas. 

Karjat is a picturesque hill resort that’s also adorn with lush forest areas and is admired by trekkers and environmental enthusiasts alike. The breathtaking location, tucked away in the vast Western Ghats, is perfect for honeymooners. Who can really take in the breathtaking view of massive mountains and mysterious, mystical caves. Without a doubt, Karjat is a must-visit destination and an excellent addition to Maharashtra’s tourist portfolio.

These properties are certain to wow you if your idea of a stress-relieving vacation comprises a stay. In a luxurious villa with lush flora, a plunge in your private pool, and excellent design that thrills your senses. These villas, which are disperse around the country. Offer a delicious blend of comfort and luxury, helping you unwind in style. Let us guide you in the way of some of the finest staycation villas. So you can rest your restless mind if you don’t already have plans for the next long weekend. And on the off chance that they aren’t completely fill up till the end of the year.

Sunshine Villa In Karjat –

The 6BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat is the essence of summertime dreams! White interiors brighten gloomy winter days and keep you cool in the summer. The specialist will definitely recommend an outdoor patio with a seating area and projectors for exciting family nights. When you arrive in Karjat, this beautiful holiday home is awaiting you.

Simba Villa In Karjat –

The interiors of this villa exhibit minimalist design, elegant color, and contemporary furnishings, bringing you into a vacation-like mood. It exudes elegance, serenity, and positive vibes. The villa has five bedrooms, a private pool, a stunning view of the mountains, and a variety of flora. Since it is an Ekostay property, guests may feel more confident in the quality of accommodation and customer service. This private villa with pool in Karjat is available at an affordable price.

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