Adidas Wrestling shoes

You might have heard about conventional wisdom, which is similar to this. If all this comes in between you and the ground, then do not skimp it. It includes a mattress, car tires, and shoes. Finding the best wrestling shoes can be overwhelming because you can find a wide variety of shoes in the same price range.

Get A Grip: The Benefits of Adidas Wrestling Shoes

If you stick to the Adidas brand, Adidas Wrestling shoes have various styles and prices. So how can you find out the best one for you? In this article, we have listed down some reasons to buy stylish, gorgeous shoes from Addidas. Read on to know more in detail!

1. Fittings

In fittings, personal preference matters a lot, but generally, you will have to choose a shoe that is snugger than any athletic shoe. As in wrestling, you will have to look for traction on the mat and not want the foot to move more in shoes. Various shoe manufacturers have guidelines for choosing wrestling shoes compared to athletic or tennis sneakers. In Adidas wrestling shoes, you will have to choose one and a half sizes more prominent than the standard size.

Adidas Wrestling shoes

2. Shoe Features

When reading the manual shoes, you will mostly encounter lots of jargon and lingo, which can confuse you. Here are some of the terms which you will have to read. You can read out some features here to get more understanding.

  • Last: Last in a template or form made of plastic or wood, which has a shape similar to a human foot. The manufacturers use these models for the condition of your foot, and you might see the references in the description of your Adidas wrestling shoes.
  • Upper: It refers to the top part, mentioning that material is used to construct.
  • Outsole: It is the shoe part that ordinarily interacts with the mat while standing – the lower part of the shoe, including a little piece that wraps up onto the side of the foot.
  • Padded sole: The padded sole is in the middle between the upper piece of the shoe and the outsole, giving assurance and padding to the foot.
  • TPU: Few pairs will reference various parts or TPU. The TPU denotes thermoplastic.
  • Polyurethane: A lightweight and tough plastic-type resistant to abrasion and cracking.
  • Lace Garage: It is a fancy term for describing a few types of systems to prevent shoelaces from becoming untied and flopping around or tangled in the match.
  • EVA: You’ll frequently see a reference to “EVA Midsole” in depictions. EVA is ethyl vinyl acetic acid derivation, manufactured foam for padding.
  • Spilled sole: Split sole with distinct rubberized sections on the bottom under the ball of the foot and other under the heel. It provides traction while pushing the mat but still allows flexibility in the middle part of your foot. Depending upon the shop, you can fold the split sole in half. If you talk about non-split and insole shoes, one has a rubberized sole. The non-split Adidas wrestling shoes are flexible and a bit heavier but long-lasting than the split sole.


At the end of the day, choosing the best Adidas wrestling shoes is not easy because there are ample options. But this guide will help you to choose the best one for yourself. Choosing the best one depends upon what league you are in.

There is a thumb rule to buying an Adidas wrestling shoe; if you are not familiar, you can look out for the pair that doesn’t shock you. Once you get experienced, you can shift to advanced ones and know more about the advanced shoes and their features.

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