We all are aware that unforgettable experiences and valuable lessons are given to attendees at successful events, enabling them to apply these teachings at or at home.

One of the key success aspects of your upcoming event is selecting the appropriate speaker or speakers. No matter if the event is for internal or external attendees, whether it involves seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibits, awards, or after-dinner hosts, we have five essential suggestions to help you select the right conference speakers

  1. Clearly state the event’s goals.

We frequently see or hear from clients asking us what they’d like to have speak at their event. When we begin to examine the purposes and goals of the event. The speaker who was asked might not always be the greatest choice to assist in achieving those KPIs.

Make sure their speaker can accomplish the objectives of your event.

Decide who might be the best speaker to assist you in achieving the event’s primary KPIs before you begin. Event planners should make sure they select the best speaker for their event rather than the best name, whether this is an internal or external speaker or even a “headline name.”

  1. Get the most out of your speaker.

When creating the event schedule, take into account how your speaker—or even your keynote speaker—can bring value. For instance, why not inquire if the headline act can continue to talk at the event after he or she opens the conference? Maybe they might arrange a meeting or meal break for VIP attendees or business personnel? This relaxed environment makes it easy to discuss the speech’s main points, and it also gives attendees a great chance to benefit from the speaker’s knowledge.

Could your speaker do a book signing if they have a new book out to increase marketing awareness? The oder are they a celebrity speaker who enjoys taking selfies? This kind of additional truly leaves a lasting impression on attendees, adding an extra special touch to your event.

  1. Promote marketing and create hype before an event

All event planners are aware that the weeks leading up to the game are crucial for emphasizing the main advantages and takeaways for attendees. This is the ideal time to use the speaker’s experience to introduce preview material and set the stage for attendees. If you do this correctly, you may be able to accomplish your event objectives.

We believe it’s crucial to be clear with your speaker from the outset about what you want them to do. Recognize that their function may not be to promote your company or event, but rather to display their expertise and personal narrative.

Pre-event interviews, blogs, tweets, and teaser videos are all excellent marketing strategies that can generate interest.

  1. Make sure you give the speaker the best chance to deliver.

When we are in the most conducive environment to execute our tasks, we all perform to the best of our abilities.

This holds for speakers as well, therefore having a briefing call with your speakers before the event is a wise idea. The goals, your desired outcomes, the attendance profile, the wider content to be presented, and, of course, what they need to perform and what they do best can all be discussed here.

Of course, it’s crucial to make sure the pre-event preparations go without a hitch because nobody loves to be late! A pre-event briefing call is an ideal opportunity to anticipate any issues and take preventative measures before they arise.

These are some of the tips for choosing the best speakers for events and making your event a successful one.

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