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Commercial carpets are huge and highly prone to allergies, heavy dust, dirt, outdoor pollutants, soil, grease, bacteria, food particles, mites, and molds. On average, a lot of people visit commercial complexes & places that are covered with carpets act like filters for the dirt which people bring inside along with their shoes. So, you must clean these properly. It contributes to a healthy and safe environment and not to bacteria-filled surroundings. Now, if you are thinking about how you can clean commercial carpets, you must know that several top carpet cleaning agencies help their clients with this job. They use advanced technology tools that can save time for cleaning & give brilliant results.

Let’s check the methods that are used for commercial carpet cleaning in San Diego CA

Utilize of Hot Water Extraction Method:

  • Have you ever heard about the steam carpet cleaning method? Or about the hot water extraction cleaning method? Well, both of these are the same, &, in this procedure, the cleaning team uses high-pressure hot water flow to let the dirt pass through the carpet fiber & move out with water.
  •  During this process, water is mixed with a good cleaning agent, and a brush is used to agitate the carpet. After completion, the flow of water is released & it passes through the carpet, cleaning it thoroughly. After the removal of dirt and debris, the carpet is left to dry at a normal temperature.
  •  The cleaning agencies prefer to do this task in the afternoon because they get an overnight time to dry it and place it before the employees start reaching the office in the morning. This process takes approximately four or five hours depending on the size of the carpet and its number.

Make Use of Shampoo for Cleaning:

  • This is a traditional or we can say old method to clean the carpets. In this process, the team makes use of shampoo to clean the base and remove the dirt & debris from it. But there is one point that makes this process less popular i.e., you will see a lot of foam coming out during the cleaning process which results in a delay in drying the carpet.
  • Also, the carpet becomes sticky which means next time you will see comparatively a lot of soil, pollutants, dirt, & dust on it. So, people avoid using shampoo for cleaning the carpet & are trying new methods that are more result oriented and safe to use.

Use of Encapsulation Method:

  •  In this process, synthetic detergents are used to clean the base. These agents turn into a crystalline form after drying out making it easy for the dirt to mix with it. It is cleaned after vacuum or brushing. The whole process is called encapsulation because the dirt particles get encapsulated into powder after the cleaning agent foam dries.
  • This process is one of the best techniques to clean the carpet because it requires less water and dries up quickly but one thing that you need to know is that if your carpet is filled with heavy dirt and debris, encapsulation may not work perfectly.

Utilize Dry Carpet Cleaning Method:

  •  The Dry carpet cleaning method is all about applying a cleaning agent on the bottom side of the carpet and then pushing it through with the help of a rotating brush machine. The best thing about this method is that the cleaning agents used for the process are made of biodegradable material that is perfect to absorb dirt and remove it completely.
  • Moreover, dry cleaning is the safest of all procedures & is highly recommended for commercial purposes. It does not take much time and the commercial complexes that are open 24/7 need this type of cleaning process.

Thus, you can now check the details of different carpet cleaning procedures and how they take place. This will help you to mark up the difference between each and know which one suits you the best. Several companies are offering professional cleaning services to their clients. They all know about these, so you can also connect with them. And hire them based on their skills and expertise in the field.

However, make sure to note a few points:

  • Do not settle for cheap services rather choose affordable resources that can provide you with quality services within your budget.
  • Do not get misled easily but do your homework accurately. You need to get all the details of the service provider & make sure that they have a good work record in the market.
  • Do not share all your details before you make the final call because some things need to be discreet.


In this post, we have mentioned all the types of carpet cleaning processes. And how we can keep our space fresh and happy to stay. You can choose the one that suits you and goes with your budget. As you cannot do this job by yourself, you have to rely on professionals. They are excellent at this work & are known for their excellence and hard work.

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