Havells, a technological pioneer, develops a one-of-a-kind line of smart air coolers with Breathe Ezee Technology. A Havells cooler as opposed to standard coolers that function on the basic evaporative cooling concept has filters on 3 sides and fully retractable louvers in front to keep dust away. The anti-bacterial honeycomb cushions found in a Havells cooler have strong absorption capabilities, allowing them to capture residual dirt and debris and thoroughly cleanse the air.

Havells air coolers are notable for their features like temperature display, auto drain for simple water drainage, humidity regulator to control water flow on pads, covered water tank to avoid mosquito breeding, and many more. These air coolers are expensive to own during the summer because of their refined elegance, compact design, and air purifying mechanism. Overall, Havells air coolers are unrivaled in terms of best-in-class features, safety, portability, and convenience and are packed with superb features. 

Havells is the ideal cooling solution for you. Their air purifying technology coupled with minimalistic and compact designs makes them a wise investment this season. They feature a powerful cooling breeze and are ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors. Their compact and minimalist designs make them an excellent choice this summer.

If you are searching for an air cooler that can provide you with chilled and purified air without shooting up your power consumption, a Havells cooler is what you need. The best part is that you will find the Havells cooler price well within your budget.

Features of Havells coolers

Havells coolers come with a wide range of features aimed at affordable and efficient cooling. At the same time, Havells takes pains to avoid jacking up the cooler price even If the appliance is loaded with features. 

Here are some features you can expect in your new Havells cooler:

  • Remote control option 
  • Easy to clean
  • Front wheels with brakes
  • Collapsible louvers
  • 3 side washable dust filtration nets
  • Thermal overload safety
  • Automatic drain and honeycomb cooling pads
  • Moisture control and temperature display
  • Inverter friendly
  • Dust free cooling 
  • Noise-free operation
  • Breathe Ezee Technology for air purification 

Types Of Coolers

Before you move on to picking the best Havells cooler for your home, you must know about the type of models available in the market.

Personal Coolers: Personal coolers seem to be the most popular air coolers these days. They are portable and can be readily relocated. They are relatively smaller with lower water capacities and are available at a lower cooler price.

Tower Coolers: If you need to cool down a moderately sized space, tower coolers are be a great option. Since tower coolers pump the air upwards, they can cool a bugger area in very little time. The tallish air coolers you see in shops and retail outlets are tower coolers.

Window Coolers: These kinds of coolers are placed outside a window. They are available at a slightly higher cooler price compared to personal coolers. However, window air coolers use less energy and are cheap to operate in the long run.

Desert Coolers: Desert coolers are intended for regions with high temperatures and low moisture. They are suitable for large-sized rooms and come with water capacities as high as 100 liters. Desert coolers are the highest-priced air coolers in the market today.

Points to remember while buying a Havells cooler 

  • Dimensions of your room Larger rooms need larger coolers
  • Ambient temperature Extremely hot places would benefit from desert coolers
  • Water storage capacity of cooler Larger the room, more the water capacity needed
  • Humidity level Be mindful as humid regions can hamper your air cooler’s functioning
  • Throwing distance of the cooler Bigger spaces needs coolers with more powerful motors

What is the appropriate water capacity?

Water holding capacity is among the most crucial things to keep in mind when buying an air cooler. If you have a huge room, an air cooler with a storage of 30 40 liters is recommended. If you’ve been searching for an air cooler for a relatively small space, a 20-liter model is a way to go.

Best Havells Air Coolers in India


These Havells coolers are easily portable, silent, and come with a unique fan layout. Retractable louvres keep dirt and bacteria out of the cooler.


This Havells cooler is a large standing cooler with large water storage and robust airflow, making it ideal for long-term use and chilling huge spaces.


Altima from Havells features thick and odor-free honeycomb cushions and strong air circulation. This model is available at a relatively affordable cooler price.


This Havells cooler is perfect for household use and features customizable humidity control for optimum chilling. A powerful motor ensures a good throw for optimal cooling.

Summary: A Havells cooler is the right choice if you seek affordable cooling solutions this summer. Havells coolers require minimal maintenance and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Their air purifying technology coupled with minimalistic and compact designs makes them a wise investment this season. 

While Havells coolers are unrivaled in terms of their features, reliability, and ease of use, they are available in the Indian market at an affordable cooler price. Bring one home today and you will not have to suffer another day in this unforgiving heat.

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