Android Rat app accesses

Android Rat app accesses

Android Rat app accesses, After being installed on the victim’s phone, AndroRAT hides and then eavesdrops on the victim’s phone. This program can also give the hacker remote control of the victim’s phone. Some of the things that this software has access to are:

  • Ability to monitor calls and text messages along with the date and time of sending and receiving them
  • Ability to record sound
  • Taking a screenshot of the desired person’s mobile phone
  • Access to rear and front camera as well as taking pictures
  • Call history recovery
  • Access and retrieve browser history
  • Access to the contact list
  • The possibility of locking the contact’s phone
  • Ability to record voice conversations
  • Email access
  • Format the phone
  • Access to mobile phone settings
  • Access to files and file manager
  • The possibility of calling the desired person’s phone
  • Report the location of the person in question and the routes he has taken during the day.

The possibility of legal hacking

According to the law, hacking other people’s user accounts on the Internet is considered a crime, and the offender is sentenced to pay a fine and jail time. As much as possible, don’t decide to hack other people’s personal phones; Because it has harmful and serious consequences. If you decide to do this, think carefully about the consequences and then proceed to hack the target person.   

Monitoring of children under the age of 18 by parents is considered legal, and parents can monitor their children’s mobile phones and other smart devices in order to advance their educational goals and control their children during the sensitive ages of childhood and adolescence. For this purpose, good monitoring software has been provided all over the world, one of the good Iranian examples is the Safe family child monitoring application.

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