Save money on your motorcycle insurance

Save money on your motorcycle insurance

That’s how much you can save

Motorcycle insurance can vary greatly in price between different insurance companies. Many people are surprised when they compare insurance policies for the first time and see how much it can actually differ in the price for the same motorcycle. It is not unusual that it is possible to save 

thousands of kroner, even 

tens of thousands of kroner sometimes. On average, motorcycle insurance via Compricer costs between SEK 2,000 – 4,000 per year. Do a free comparison and see how much you can save!

The price of motorcycle insurance

The price, or the premium as it is also called, is affected by several factors. This is why insurance can vary so much in price between different insurance companies, even though it is the same motorcycle that is to be insured. Common 

factors that affect the price of the insurance are the value of the motorcycle, model, engine size, weight class, and factors such as your age, place of residence, and how long you have had a driver’s license with authorization to drive a motorcycle and more.With the help of our comparison, you can easily and quickly calculate the current cost of various motorbike insurances and choose an 

insurance with a good price.


Many insurance companies offer 

discounts on their motorcycle insurance policies. Often, this means that in connection with taking out motorcycle insurance, you also buy insurance for, for example, your home or a car, etc. Some insurance companies also offer a discount if you are a member of Sveriges MotorCyklister (SMC) or if your motorcycle has ABS brakes and more.

That’s how you get cheap motorcycle insurance

So how do you get cheap motorcycle insurance? We recommend that you start with your needs first and choose the insurance that has the most favorable price based on that. Use our comparison or call us and we will help you find 

good and cheap insurance for your motorcycle.

Things to think about when insuring your motorcycle

  • 1Get the right insurance for your needs. Think about whether you need full, half, or maybe just traffic insurance
  • 2 What content do you want in the insurance? Is there something that is particularly important for you to include?
  • 3 When you know what you want, just compare and insure your motorcycle at a good price

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