Does your website contain video? Do you know how to index your video in google search results?

Google search indexes the videos from your website as a part of SEO. It helps users to find and watch the full content of the video.

Till July 2022, site owners didn’t have any idea about the performance of their videos on google and also did not have any solutions for video search indexing optimizations.

But, Now google has made it easier!

From the video index report in the search console, We can get exact errors and solutions for improving the video indexing of our applications for SEO purposes.

This article will help you understand how to index your video on google search results.

Easy 5 steps to improve your video index in google.

  1. Check the availability of video
  2. Use of appropriate HTML tags
  3. Video sitemap
  4. Use structured data for video
  5. Include high-quality thumbnails

For details, check out canopas blog.

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