The traditional wedding ceremony is the most important event in every couple’s life ever, so they want it to be unique and memorable. Likewise, the main wedding function, a wedding reception has also become a trend or need of the present day. That’s why couples now focus more on their wedding reception and celebrate it with great enthusiasm to make it grand and special for themselves and as well as their guests.  

After your nuptial ceremony, the wedding reception is going to be a grand function or a party to entertain or greet your guests so make sure you have not left any stone unturned. Planning a unique wedding reception with quite a flamboyance and fanciness and that too in a traditional way is such a daunting task. It’s not easy to plan from fashion and food and to impress your attendees. Well, perfect wedding reception planning starts with focusing on and pinpointing the aspects of the celebration that is important to you and your partner. It should be not limited to just following the typical reception ceremony in fact it should be interactive and showcase the personality of the newlywed couple. Your wedding reception should include something new in all your preparations such as more lavish agendas, crafting a killer menu, inventive dining options, breath-taking décor, a perfect seating chart, the latest DJ song playlist, and entertaining touch to make your attendees smile and make it special for them. 

Here we have curated some unique fun-loving wedding reception ideas that may spark some inspiration and ensure your guests would have a lot of fun and an unforgettable experience. 

  1. A Fascinated Entrance

Entry of the couple is one of the most awaited moments in the wedding reception so it should be powerful and breath-taking. It can be done through a palki ride, smoke bomb, dance, flower path, flower shower, fireworks, and more. Also, to make it more unique, you can hang pictures of the newlywed couple with their close family and close friends or relatives along the passageway from the entrance to the reception stage. It would make to feel your guests special and like an integral part of the event by seeing their pics with you. 

  1. Unique and Creative Decoration 

The venue decoration is the first thing that would attract your guests and also reflect your personality. Your decoration should be exciting, creative, and fun-loving that will be new to your attendees. You can consider some of these strange but charming décor items like fragrant candles for scent scaping, custom chalk art mural, herb centerpieces, silver dollar eucalyptus garland, transparent accents, bunting creations, horse table number, colorful table runner, custom papel Picado-inspired chandelier, wedding lighting letter, hanging lounge chairs, and install funky neon light if you have a neon-themed wedding reception.

  1. Creative Ideas for Seating Assignments

Seating arrangement according to the space is also an important element to consider while planning for a wedding reception. You can also make it creative by adding some directions or signage, escort card displays, and place cards that may be spice canister place cards, antique bells with calligraphy, and any other. But it should be practical and not boring. Make sure the venue should have enough space to accommodate all your guests and have some complementary or extra chairs and tables as well. Banquet halls in West Delhi are the best and most venues to organize your grand wedding reception.

  1. Be Your Own DJ

Undoubtedly, music is an essential element in the wedding reception like any celebration as it’s a great source of fun and enjoyment in the event. It greatly influences the staying of guests and makes a reception more exciting and engaging. No one can stop himself to dance once the loud music is played by DJ. Prepare in advance the song list and informed your DJ about it. For making it more interesting and creative you can put a DJ request box with some creative captions on the table next to the DJ stand. Then asked your guests to come and drop their favourite songs. It would result in a perfect mix of nostalgic hits and new music that will definitely be lit to the dance floor. It would really great pleasure to listen to your guest’s choice songs. 

  1. Organize a Surprise Performance or Engaging Activities

Keeping a surprise element for your guests and doing some activities to engage your guests are the best way to make your reception an incredible one. Live bands and photo booths are now common tries to keep unforeseen things that would really surprise your attendees such as an acrobat performer on a metal wheel, a mermaid performer, a magician, Ferris Wheel, an aerialist, fire eating performance, a ballet performance, a salsa dancer, or a dance troupe. You can greet your guests with ballet dancers at the door who danced down the passage for the ceremony. Make also a plan to engage the kids during the ceremony by setting up any movie, game, painting, or kid-dance party in a separate place. So that their parents can freely enjoy their party and fully engage themselves in these wow-worthy entertainment activities.

  1. Wacky Catering Ideas

Catering is the utmost part of the reception that requires enough brainstorming whether it’s the main course, appetizers, drinks, or meal. There are thousands of food varieties available, choose the fresh and new as per your and guests’ taste that can also add the twisted edge you are looking for in the catering. To make it unique and amazing consider these various options like cotton candy station, monogrammed ice cubes, sip solution, donut display, ice pop cart, shaved ice cone station, DIY counter, revamp appetizers, dessert stop, enchanted cake, lemonade shot glass to welcome guests, cheese tower to put extra cheese on snacks, state-shaped ice cream bars, serving cocktails with personalized ice cubes or a hip food truck. A cupcake-making station is a very popular way to get involved your guests where they can create their own dessert. For a warm-weather wedding reception, you can serve up a nostalgic and fun Sno-Cone station and include various refreshment drinks. All these can surely make your party hit.

  1. Express your Love Story 

Expressing your love story or journey is the best way to make your guests more engaged and involved with you at the reception party. Every couple has definitely had an epic moment that brought them together on the altar today. There are various ways to do this either you write on the chalkboard or simply present it by doing some act or performance. The choice is yours but make sure whichever you are going to choose should be creative and fill your day with memories.

  1. Creative and Personalized Guest Book Ideas

The guest book concept is a new and very latest addition to the wedding reception. You can make it creative by asking your guests to leave a note or message to the happy couple with their signature on any item or dry-erase boards instead of books that may further turn into a meaningful keepsake. To make it more interactive you can take pictures of them and even put them on an album and thus creating a one-of-a-kind guest book. There are various other best alternatives like Polaroid Guestbook, Baseball Guest Book, Map Guestbook, Quilt Square Guest Book, Telephone Guest Book, Typewriter Guest Book, and more. 

  1. Insta Photos Corners

Guests love the photo booth at the parties. Instead of the same and repeated backdrop you can make it creative by making a greenery wall and adding your sign with your partner or can take some vintage furniture pieces on rent and decorate the venue with chandeliers and fun props. Your guests would have fabulous photos for their insta profile or reals. 

  1. Wedding Favors

Giving wedding favors is usually a tradition in the Indian wedding ceremony. But you can make it interesting and creative by giving some midnight snacks instead of traditional items. Numerous kinds of things can be given as favors like geometric vibes, a charming succulent plant, monogrammed coasters, flower pot or herb plant, artisanal products of your region, a pair of branded goggles with your signature or monogram, and takeaway boxes containing mini meal with fries, mini coke, and a slider. You can also prepare packages of cookies or beribboned boxes with your monogram containing two artisanal chocolates or provide them a take-home treat that may include doughnuts, candies, chocolates, a jar of organic honey, or preferred coffee beans. Try to choose the wedding favors that will perfectly go with your reception theme if any. Also, add a little thank you sign to give it a personal touch and show your attendees how much matter their presence to you.

With a little creativity, imagination, or thinking outside the box, you can create a difference in your wedding reception. Just try all these quirky ideas and make your wedding reception a blast. 

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