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Men not only try to understand their environment by reshaping it, but they also study the characteristics of individuals and communities. This can be seen from systematically organized spaces for culture until men can defeat the chaos of nature. In a study of the evolution of civilization, this idea appears in the form of belief. Men mix with the traditions they practice, planted in each man until “customs” are formed. Jewels or mysterious objects thus become a symbol of this combined cult. This is because it is closer to the body of men and better expresses human behavior. tree of life with mother necklace

Although men always reorganize and improve their customs and traditions, the belief in the power of objects remains. This is reflected in the fact that they continue to create superstitious objects for the cult of souls and life. The boundary of belief is limited by religious rituals that are supported by cultural objects and jewelry. The belief is preserved in the form of folk tales, as well as images that represent the relationships between men, nature, power, and the world. This importance is a condition for men to choose an alternative that best suits the context, for example, materials, shapes, colors, and symbols. Spoo-Design

However, the ritual cannot be without “body”. That’s because the body is the first place where interactions and touches with jewelry occur. At the same time, the body brings out the internal context of the jewelry store to complete this cult of the purity of souls. For an intended cult, the superstitious materials of prehistoric men are the basis of belief before verbal communications, reflected through language, images, and forms.

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Therefore, cultural objects are represented by the beauty of the structure, time, or eternity in symbolic forms. These symbols are related to stories. Jewelry is the result of men’s intention to worship sacred souls wholeheartedly.

Jewelry is created, from prehistory to the present day, for 4 important purposes; pay respect for status, show moral support, worship the rituals of life, and celebrate the beauty of philosophy and aesthetics. The results of an analysis of these aspects will bring together images or forms of the legacy of the delicacy of Thai wisdom.

Jewelry as respect for the status

As the culture of Thai Buddhism is influenced by Brahman and Hindu, abstract beliefs are combined into attitudes. It expresses itself through faith in “ideal states”, states beyond recognition by the 5 senses. This state has the power to change the world, men or objects. Thai Buddhist culture pays attention to the status of individuals with individuality created by surreal power. Therefore, jewelry is a tool to worship these different states. Men adopt the above ideal and develop rank and social status. This is for communication and government purposes, especially for the idea of ​​a divine god.

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Jewelry as a moral support tool

This special expression tool continues its duty. Now it is not just indicating status, but full of power and inner forces. The images and beliefs of jewelry carry a superstitious power within them. This type of jewelry is not as expressive as the first. It has its own place. This is because a user wants to hide power and maintain personal moral support. Jewelry for moral support has a psychological effect in 3 aspects;

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