Who on this Earth doesn’t like surprises? Not just your partner, everyone on this Earth loves surprises. Be it, men or women, surprise brings a huge smile to everyone’s face. If you have decided to surprise your partner with jewelry then it’s one of the best decisions for both of you. Jeweler surprises will make her happy for sure. Check out 5 jeweler surprises from this guide. 

Heart Shaped Pendant

Jewelry is women’s best companion and a pendant is something every woman loves to wear. If you are wondering what kind of pendant would your partner love then we should tell you that heart-shaped pendants are something no woman can dislike. Getting a heart-shaped pendant from a loved one is something romantic and no one would refuse it ever. A heart pendant will not only prove to be a romantic gift, but it will compliment every attire of your partner. Although if you are a person who isn’t very romantic or doesn’t love heart-shaped things, then you can also opt for other pendants like a pendant of infinity or you can also give shapes of her favorite cartoon characters.

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Engraved Bracelets

Engraved bracelets help you to send a special message to your partner through it and that is something crazily romantic. Your partner will love wearing a special bracelet given by a special person engraved with a special message from him. If you are confused about what to engrave then here are a few tips for you. You can either engrave both of your names or the day when you both first met. If these ideas don’t suit you then you can also write quotes that suit your relation or any usual life or love quotes. Don’t make the bracelets too heavy or else she cannot do it in her day-to-day life. 18K gold is the best metal for engraved bracelets. 


When it comes to gifting your partner, you can never go wrong with an elegant diamond ring. The most precious gift you can give to your partner is a classy diamond ring. Trust us it would be her best surprise from you. Choose from a variety of options. like solitaire rings, pave set rings, tension set rings, three-stone rings, and many more. Why only diamonds, you can also give her rings of other gemstones. Sapphire engagement rings can be a good alternative to diamond rings.

Pearl Jewelry

Diamonds are undoubtedly a girl’s best friend but you cannot deny that pearls are not far behind. We can argue that they are close behind diamonds and are affordable as well. If you want an affordable option for your partner, remember that pearl beauty is no less. If you are gifting her on any special day pearl jewelry can be a perfect gift for her. Pearls are pretty versatile and can be worn every day. Moreover, pearl pendants and earrings are perfect for official events. Pearl bracelets also go well with gowns or sleeveless bodycon dresses. 

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Every girl is crazy about earrings. no matter how many earrings they have stored in their boxes, if you give a new earring to them, they shall be over-excited as if it’s their first earring. So don’t miss the chance to surprise your partner with a beautiful pair of earrings. If you want to buy diamond earrings it’s best to go for platinum, otherwise yellow gold earrings look gorgeous. 
Jewelry made of Lab grown diamonds is much more affordable than jewelry made of natural diamonds. If you want to buy a diamond at an affordable price, then jewelry made of lab-grown diamonds is the perfect choice for you.

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