Children can sometimes not oversee the schoolwork and the many Assignment homework. By planning the schoolwork well, a child gets an overview and less stress, which means he can get better grades. You, as a parent, can contribute to this by creating structure together.

Work environment and structure

A quiet and private workplace is of great importance to get structure in school work. By creating a place where your child can work quietly daily, it is stimulated to only be busy with schoolwork and not with other peripheral matters. Make sure there are sufficient storage options for notebooks and books. The most important thing is that this work remains uncluttered and tidy.

Time and structure

By bringing regularity into the day, your child keeps an overview. Try to make every school day the same as possible and plan enough time every day to do homework. By structuring the day, it becomes a routine for your child. Agree on fixed times when homework will be worked on, and let your child estimate how long he/she thinks this will take. It is best to make a time estimate per subject that provides even more insight.

Homework and structure

When your child comes home from school, it is important that they rest for about 15 minutes and then start the most difficult learning task, as this takes the most energy. Alternate learning and doing work so your child can concentrate longer and better. After about an hour of learning, it is good to let your child take a short break and, during this break, exercise, eat or drink something and then get back to work.

Think ahead

A lot of material has to be learned for tests. Workpieces or other large projects also take a lot of time. It is, therefore, important that your child starts learning in time for the upcoming tests and start working on the bigger projects. By learning or making a bit every day and starting this well in advance, the schoolwork will go better, and that will cause much less stress. 

Lesson material and structure

There is often a summary at the end of the chapter to be learned. It also happens that at the end of a paragraph is stated what they should know or be able to do. By reading this first, it is easy to separate the main and side issues of a text. It also makes it easier to summarize. Some children like to be questioned; during the test, you can point out the most important things.

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