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Foundations are a must in every woman’s makeup bag. This has significantly increased their demand in the market. When the need for this beauty product increases, so makes the demand for the right foundation boxes. They are very important, despite what many brands may believe in. They are the first thing that catches the eye of the customers. Therefore, it is high time to get rid of the old packaging and redesign the boxes of foundations. Use high-grade materials in their construction to give them durability that will protect the product within. There are many other ways to revamp this beauty product. The best methods of uplifting its worth with perfect packaging are presented below. 

Use Sustainable Materials for Foundation Boxes 

When it is time to revamp the older foundation boxes, the first thing to consider is using sustainable materials. The cardboard used for these packages plays a very critical role. It determines the image of the brand in the market as well as in the eye of the customers. Moreover, it also decides whether the box will hold its shape or not. Therefore, along with durability, it is critical to ensure that the material of construction should be eco-friendly. 

Buyers these days are becoming aware of the importance of sustainable packaging. They are looking for environment-friendly products. So, when you use such material in manufacturing, it will earn the respect of buyers. Also, it helps in generating more sales. This little effort will completely change the image of the brand in the eye of the customers. More importantly, it assures customers that your brand is playing a role in damaging the environment. 

Create a Theme that Defines the Brand

During redesigning foundation boxes in the UK it is important to create a theme that defines the brand. When you have a theme plan laid out for your packaging, there is less room for error. Moreover, a theme ensures that all your packaging designs go with each other. A theme can be created in the form of colours, graphics or any other design element. A brand can pick a specific shade of pastel colours and use any interesting image for its packaging. 

Moreover, the theme can also be a specific print. There is no limit to what a brand can add to its theme. The package should speak for the quality of the product within. It should also be amazing enough that customers never doubt the quality of the foundations, even for a second. 

Design the Interior 

Gone are the days when packaging could only have prints on the exterior. This is an old- design now. Nowadays, adding designs and other detailing on the inside of the boxes is the latest trend. It gives a unique look to the package. Moreover, it also makes the product stand out. It looks different from the competition, that only comes with plain old designs on the front. Adding designs and detailing to the interior of the packaging will give a beautiful look to your foundations, especially if it goes with the overall theme of the product. Therefore, they will catch the eye of the customers. Once they can grab the buyers’ attention, then the journey to the purchase counter will not be so long.

Use Intricate Fonts 

Bold fonts look good on banners and billboards. When it comes to beauty products such as custom foundation boxes, bold does not look good. It overshadows the product completely. This is why it is best to keep the fonts delicate while redesigning the packaging. It is the best way to add worth. Elegant writing will speak more than loud capitals. It will give the entire box a very feminine look which many customers find very appealing. The delicate writing on the packaging will make the product look different from the rest that is present on the aisle. This is another advantage which will attract buyers. The allure of sophisticated fonts will pull them closer to the product. 

Custom Shapes and Sizes 

Packaging product of different sizes into liquid foundation boxes of the same dimensions is a very foolish mistake. Small products inside larger packaging have more room for movement. This often causes the glass bottle to break, and the entire product goes to waste. The same goes for larger bottles inside smaller boxes. Therefore, the smart move here is to make customized shapes and sizes. Follow the dimensions of the foundation bottle. Design a shape and size which is ideal for that certain product. This way, there will be no place for the product to bounce around inside the package. This greatly reduces the chances of damage. So the brand also does not suffer from any loss. 

Eye-Catching Pattern of Foundation Boxes 

Adding eye-catching patterns on foundation containers is another thing that makes a huge difference. When a brand is redesigning its packaging of foundations, it should keep this in mind. Patterns make a huge difference, whether it is for cosmetics or any other product. They enhance the beauty of the packaging. Moreover, they make the item stand out on the shelves from the competition. So, when the customer sees it from a distance, the pattern catches their eye instantly. It impresses them and pushes them closer to the product. Adding such designs benefits a brand in the long run. It develops a good image in the mind of the buyers. 


Being a very important part of the beauty regime, foundations do not deserve to be stacked in old-school packaging. They deserve high-grade foundation boxes that attract customers. They should speak about the quality of the product before the item has a chance to do that. All of this can be accomplished by redesigning the packaging of foundations and fusing it with some interesting elements. Many of them are discussed above.

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