You can guess the answer by its name: animal feed is used to feed domestic animals. Many farmers grow animal feed on their land to avoid the price of products but growing a few kinds of grass will not be sufficient for your cattle like buffalo. Very few cattle can match their quality to yield the milk, and their milk is used across all milk products. When a buffalo gives the best output, you must give the best input to continue this process. And animal food is the input that will cover all your buffalo needs, and they will improve the yield production. MeraPashu360 is a technology-based company that will provide you with the best food for cattle.

Types Feed For Your Cattle

  • Khal

Khal is used to feed dairy animals like buffalo and cows. It increases milk production, is safe to consume for cattle, and is easy to digest. 

  • Goli Khal

It is the type of animal feed that helps to grow milk yield.

  • Silage

It is a type of fodder made from grass used for cattle. The grasses are fermented to keep their nutrition after cutting the grass. 

  • Mineral mixture

It is also a type of food that contains the necessary minerals for cattle. A minimum needed amount of mineral is present in the mineral mixture. It is used for calves that help them to grow. 

  • Traditional Feed

The traditional feed contains all the naturally present things like Dal and Choker. Generally, all the traditional food is available at home but not in the desired amount. 

MeraPashu360 has a solution for your answer if you are looking for animal feed. Download the MeraPashu360 app from the play store and order using it, and we will deliver the animal feed and Pashu online.

Why Is Animal Feed Important?

The animal feed should be on your priority list if you are a dairy farmer because it is essential and beneficial for animals. Nutrition will give them growth, maintenance, and energy, and it will help animals function correctly and reproduce. Giving food to fill the stomach and giving the proper feed are two different things. MeraPashu360 will help you to find the right set for your animals and give them suitable feed for their overall growth.

How Much Feed Does Cattle Need?

First, you need to know about the breed of cattle before buying the animal feed because different breeds demand different types of food due to the fulfillment of nutrition. Murrah buffalo is a breed that yields 10-16 liters of milk per day on average, but all Murrah buffalo don’t have the exact feed requirement and also depend on the weight.

So, feed requirements will go according to weight and yield percentage. Here is the feed requirement for the Murrah buffalo:

  • Green Fodder

Green fodder, like crops, grass, etc., is usually what farmers grow on their land. Use around 20-25 kg of green fodder in overall fodder.

  • Dry Fodder

Dry fodder, also known as Kutti, is green fodder that dries, and farmers store it for further use. Use around 8-10 kg of dry fodder.

  • Concentrate Feed

The mixture of feeds provides the excess amount of nutrition to the cattle, using 4-6 kg of concentrated feed for the fulfillment of nutrition.

  • Mineral mixture

It contains all the essential mixtures needed for cattle. Using 50g of the mixture can fulfill all the requirements.

  • Water

For keeping the body hydrated, water is the most important thing. Use 20-30 liters of water.

Benefits of Animal Feed

  • Improve Production Quality

Buffalo is one of the most significant contributors to milk production because of its production quality, but the output is dependent on the input. And here, input means the animal feed, and if you’ll not feed them with proper nutrition, how can you expect the best production quality from your cattle? Start giving the best food that will fulfill all the requirements and don’t worry about the product, not need to go anywhere. Download the MeraPashu360 app from the play store, and we will deliver the best quality product to your home.

  • Improve Skeletal Development 

Feeding will help calves to achieve the ideal skeleton and is also essential for cattle after calving because they suffer from a nutritional deficiency that lasts around 2-3 months. Feed calves and cattle separately because the need for food differs, and so does quantity. As Calves will grow and cattle recover from nutritional deficiency, the food requirement will change. You’ll be surprised to know if you fed the buffalo or cow correctly and if the quantity of milk can be increased.

  • Increase Fertility of Animal

The fertility rate also depends upon how well you feed the animals; you should follow a schedule. Otherwise, you will not see any results. Reduction in nutrition can affect the production of ova and spermatozoa, and specific nutrition will help to deal with it.


Animal feed is one of the essential things that are important for cattle. But when we talk about cattle like Murrah buffalo or cow, it becomes super important because it fulfills the need for milk. But many farmers ignore this fact and think they’ll grow the fodder. Growing green fodder and dry fodder may be like a typical day for farmers, but green fodder and dry fodder can not fulfill the retirement of nutrition. Without the proper nutrition, your cattle may decrease milk yield or not get good energy. MeraPashu360 has your answer, buy a feed for your “Pashu” online, go to the play store and download the MeraPashu360 app. It has an excellent deal for Murrah buffalo and all the animal feed.

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