A Detailed Guide on the Uses and Benefits of Plastic Dustbins

plastic dustbins

A dustbin is a covered container that is used to dump waste materials. Large dustbins, popularly known as curbside bins, are also available in different community areas to help people dispose of their organic and inorganic wastes appropriately.

Dustbins are available in a range of sizes and shapes, each designed for a particular use. Typically, household dustbins are small so that they can fit in small spaces. Curbside bins, on the other hand, are larger, enabling people to transfer rubbish from inside dustbins to larger outside containers for regular pickup.

There are bigger dumpsters for commercial use in addition to regular trash cans for home use. Moreover, dustbins are available in various materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, etc. Here, we will discuss the applications and benefits of plastic dustbins.

Types of Plastic Dustbins According to Colours

A Plastic dustbin is very common because of its lightweight construction, low cost, and increased durability. Plastic trash cans are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours to meet the requirements of people. Since human wastage comes in a variety of types, such as recyclable, biodegradable, liquid, and hazardous, each colour of the trash bin represents a type. These include the following:

  • Green bins: In this dustbin, people need to dispose of the food wastes like vegetables, fruits, meat, flowers, fish and other leftovers. The primary reason for this disposal includes turning the waste into biogas.
  • Blue bins: People use blue bins to dump used and torn papers so that they can be recycled into new usable papers.
  • Red bins: All the non-recyclable wastes, like broken glassware, crockery, cling wraps, glazed wrappers, etc., are dumped in the red-coloured dustbins. These wastes are taken to landfills for final disposal.
  • White bins: Bread bags (without ties), pasta and rice bags, bubble wrap, plastic bags, biscuit packets, frozen food bags, green recycling bags, and confectionery bags are all put in the white bin so they can be recycled with soft plastics.
  • Yellow bins: For mixed recycling, items such as glass bottles, clean cardboard, newspapers, plastic, office paper, aluminium cans, milk and juice cartons, and disposable coffee cups.

Uses of Plastic Dustbin

The most common uses of plastic dustbins are:

  • The plastic dustbin’s main purpose is to keep filthy and decaying trash separate from the rest of the tidy surroundings. A good way to cut down on litter and keep the area clean is to use dustbins.
  • The colour code of plastic dustbin helps in the proper placement of waste. This way, these dustbins not only help in the recycling process but also lower the quantity of garbage generated.
  • If you keep your household or office wastes randomly, it becomes challenging to dispose them without taking multiple rounds of the dumpster. Therefore, the use of a plastic dustbin isnecessary to hold various wastes in a confined space for convenient disposal purposes.
  • Today multiple designs of plastic dustbins are available in the market. These are used for keeping the house clean and also for increasing the aesthetic appeal of the interiors.

Benefits of Plastic Dustbins

Here are the crucial benefits of using plastic dustbins for domestic and commercial purposes:

  • Garbage cans made of plastic are a perfect substitute for metallic and wooden pieces because they are lightweight, recyclable, portable, and flexible.
  • Plastic offers higher durability than other storage container materials. Therefore, these solutions are favoured by the majority of organisations and customers.
  • Plastic dust bins that are kept sealed remain undamaged and unaffected by external forces. They are additionally resistant to corrosion, rust, and insects.
  • Plastic storage bins and containers are simpler to clean than wooden and metal storage boxes. The smooth interior walls of these bins ensure a quick and convenient cleanup process. Moreover, to keep plastic trash cans looking brand-new, all people only need to wipe them down with a fresh, moist towel.

In a Nutshell

Plastic dustbins are suitable for dumping different types of waste products without any structural damage. Moreover, the easy cleaning process encourages more people to choose this waste disposal tool.

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