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If you’re looking for the latest news on Thailand’s gaming news scene, you’ve come to the right place. Game news is available from a number of sources, including Christ Centered Gamer, Intertops, Destructoid, and Siam2nite. There’s plenty to read, so be sure to subscribe to one or more of these sites!


While many 8xbet games are made in Thailand, some games are more popular there than in other countries. For example, the popular free-to-play MMOFPS Point Blank has been gaining popularity among Thai gamers. While this game is not as popular as CS:GO or World of Warcraft, it is a popular alternative for Thailand’s gamers.

Best Game News Sites in Thailand

Thailand’s gaming market is dominated by competitive multiplayer games like massively multiplayer online battle arena, battle royale, action role-playing games, and strategy games. Popular PC gaming IPs like Ragnarok M and MU Origins are thriving in the country, and popular mobile games like PUBG are proving extremely popular. These games also drive revenue because of their frequent game updates, including new content and in-game events. In addition, many of these games have Asian-themed art styles.

Christ Centered Gamer

With its religious slant, Christ Centered Gamer is a great resource for Christian families. It also helps highlight good game design choices, and highlights the secular moral situations in games. For more information, check out its website. In addition to its news and reviews, you can also find useful information on the game industry in Thailand.

Unlike many gaming sites, Christ Centered

Gamer offers an uncensored review of each game. They rate games on playability, storyline, framerate, and faith. The site also has a family-friendly Minecraft server for its readers.


If you’re interested in video games, Game Informer is the place to go for news, reviews and previews of upcoming games. It also has video content and community forums. The site is very professional and provides a good mix of content. You can read news stories, previews of new games and reviews as well as opinion pieces.

The game is so popular

Thailand that it was licensed by the country. It’s a free-to-play MMOFPS and resembles CS:GO. The Thai version of the game was recently released, and is proving to be quite popular, even though its developer is a Chinese company.


If you are into 8xbet games and are a part of the competitive gaming ecosystem in Thailand, Siam2nite is one of the best places to find the latest news. The site covers a variety of different genres and has news about the best local games. For example, Siam2nite covers the most recent games and the latest tournaments, as well as music festivals, pool parties, and food festivals.

Since the onset of the pandemic

Gaming industry in Thailand has become a more robust industry. According to a survey by i-dac Bangkok, four out of ten Thais say they are game addicts. Gaming has become an important source of income for many Thais, and more people are spending money on video games online.

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