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Elon Musk provided Amber Heard “24/7 security” after she informed him that she wanted a restraining warrant for Johnny Depp, the High Court has been told.

She claimed that Mr Musk visited her when her husband at the time, Mr Depp was absent.

Mr Depp who is 57, is suing the editor of The Sun for an editorial in which he was described as the title of a “wife beater” – but the newspaper claims it was true.

She was a US actress, who is 34 she was presenting evidence in London for the second day at the end of the day 11 of her husband’s Libel case.

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She denied that Mr. Musk came to visit her in 2015, while Depp was away. Depp was away, stating she didn’t communicate to the Tesla creator until next year.

On Tuesday, the actor’s legal counsel, Eleanor Laws QC, confronted Ms Heard regarding her statements in which the lawyer claimed that she had said she believed that Depp had been “illogically jealous” and that she was not involved in one of the “illicit relationships”.

The judge who was in charge of the trial Mr. Justice Nicol, intervened to declare that the word “illicit… carries a connotation”.

Elon Musk said to Amber Heard ‘I really like you in a text exchange

The lawyer read messages in text that were exchanged between the two Heard with Mr Musk on May 22, 2016 in which Ms Heard said to her that she would be seeking to obtain a restraining warrant against him. Depp.

The messages came one day after an incident in the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles which is where both Mr. Depp as well as Ms Heard lived. In the incident, the actress claimed that that Mr Depp hit her phone at her and hit her face in the process and causing her to fall – a claim that the actor has denied.

When she questioned Ms Heard she said Laws claimed that Ms Laws said that Mr Musk said he would “arrange 24/7 security for you” and he stated: “The offer would stand even if you never would like to see the same person ever again… Anyway I’m sorry to be an idiot. The silence on the radio hurts quite a bit. It’s because I truly love you.”

The barrister relied on facts from Alejandro Romero, a concierge in the Eastern Columbia Building, who claimed to have seen Mr. Musk in the presence of Mrs. Heard “when Mr Depp was in Australia”.

Ms Heard she believed that Ms Heard said that Mr Romero had it “wrong”, insisting that she was not in contact with Mr. Musk up to the year 2016.

In his written statement of witness In his written statement to the witness, Mr. Romero declared: “From March 2015 onwards, Ms Heard was visited regularly late at night, at around 11pm to midnight, by Mr Elon Musk.”

The concierge said Ms Heard provided Mr. Musk his own key fob to gain access to the building.

Ms. Laws later told her that, in the month of March of 2015 she was involved engaged in an “relationship or seeing” Mr Musk which Ms Heard did not deny.

Amer Hard and james Franco

Ms Heard has claimed that the actor Depp has accused her of having relationships with other actors and actors, including James Franco – with whom she appeared in the movie The Adderall Diaries.

The lawyer for Mr Depp asked Ms Heard about the allegations against Mr Franco and her remarks in her response that the actor is “someone that Mr Depp was accusing you of having an affair with and he was quite wrong about it”.

Ms Heard stated: “That’s right.”

The lawyer in the courtroom showed CCTV video footage showing the actress who was descending in the lift of the Eastern Columbia Building on 22 May 2016, approximately 23:00 local (06:00 BST), before returning upstairs shortly afterwards with Mr. Franco.

After Ms. Heard confirm that the man who appeared in the footage was indeed Mr. Franco After that, Ms. Laws inquired whether she tried to “avoid” being seen by the camera.

Ms Heard said that they had been “talking” and Mr Franco was talking to her “‘oh my God what has is going on with you what happened to you?’ when he saw her face.

Ms Heard claimed that she took Mr. Franco from the downstairs area at 23:00 local time, declaring she “in those days, I didn’t sleep much at night”.

Bed defecation is ‘absolutely disgusting’

Ms Laws was referring to an incident that was alleged to have occurred that Mr Depp’s personal cleaner was believed to have found Faeces in his bedroom early in the morning following Ms Heard’s birthday celebrationat at the Eastern Columbia Building.

Mr Depp has stated that the incident is “a mystery” who defecated in the bed “and it was not left by a three or four-pound dog” as a reference to dog of the couple.

He stated that he was “convinced” that Ms Heard or “one of her cohort” had urinated upon the mattress.

Ms Heard claimed that neither she nor any of her acquaintances were the ones to leave “human excrement” on the bed after being she was questioned by Ms Laws she called the incident “absolutely disgusting”.

Amber Heard was cross examined by the lawyer for Mr Depp in court.

When asked about the dog of the couple and the issue with its toilet training, Heard claimed it was an “common occurrence” after one dog ate a bit of the cannabis Mr Depp smoked as when he was a puppy.

She claimed that the housekeeper of Mr Depp Hilda Vargas would clean up after the dogs “occasionally” but that when her ex-husband’s dog threw up on the bed, she would wash the mess.

Ms Laws stated that she believed that Ms Vargas “knew the difference” between the mess that the couple dog made as well as human faeces. She also She asked Ms Heard whether Ms Vargas was right.

Ms Heard stated: “I can’t imagine what kind of human being would have a sense of humour like that, other than Johnny, but I don’t think that’s funny, I think it’s horrific.”

“I hit him to defend my sister’

Ms Heard was confronted about the alleged “stairs incident” in LA in March of 2015, where she claimed that she believed that Johnny Depp was about to his sister Whitney Henriquez, down the stairs.

The lawyer for Mr. Depp said for Mrs. Heard it was her that “was the violent one” in the “very nasty row” between the actress and her ex-husband.

Ms Heard said that Mr Depp had slapped herself and her younger sister and denied the claims of Ms Law of throwing a bottle or bottle of Red Bull and spat at Mr Depp.

She admitted that she had hit Mr. Depp “in defence” of her sister because she was convinced she seemed to be “about to push her down the stairs”.

Ms Heard that this idea was founded on an “rumour” she had heard from “two people” that Mr Depp had “pushed a former girlfriend” that she believed was Kate Moss, down the staircase.

The actress claimed she will “never forget” the incident in LA because she said it was the “first time” she had been able to hit him back ALL her “years” she claimed Mr Depp hit her.

Ms Laws confronted Ms Heard that she’d never made reference to the claims regarding Ms. Moss previously, and suggested that Ms Laws could be “making this up as you go along”.

Ms. Heard stated that she did not possess “the opportunity (to list) every instance of every moment of every memory that has gone through my mind”.

The case focuses around an article posted in the newspaper’s site in April of 2018 with the headline: “Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be ‘genuinely happy’ casting wife beater Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beasts film? “.

The story was based on accusations made by Ms. Heard that Mr. Depp has denied.

Her testimony was initially scheduled to end on Wednesday, but is now scheduled to continue through Thursday morning, together with her co-accused Melanie Inglessis and Joshua Drew expected to appear via videolink in the afternoon of Wednesday.

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