If you want to know about the latest sport news in Vietnam, there are a number of online casino trực tuyến sports news sites to choose from. One of the most popular of these is 8Xbet, which specializes in football news, but also covers other sports in the country. Several articles are devoted to the Vietnamese football scene. Among the most popular teams in Vietnam are Gia Dinh, Dong Thap, and Binh Thuan.


YouSport is one of the leading online sports news sites in Vietnam. With news, videos, and betting games, YouSport is a one-stop-shop for sports enthusiasts. It also offers live scoring for football matches and other sports and features a calendar of upcoming events. You can also buy your favorite sports apparel and gear from the site.

YouSport Vietnam features coverage of local and global sports. A variety of video content, including interviews, is also available. The site also offers live reporting on sport events. It also includes highlights of events that happen in Vietnam. You can even play games live on YouSport, which has become a popular online sports news site in Vietnam.

The country’s sport scene has seen recent national records broken in athletics and swimming. This shows that the country is striving to catch up to regional and international standards.


Online sports news in Vietnam is available in many different forms, including news, videos, and live reporting. Fans can follow live soccer games, follow local leagues, and find the latest scores. In addition, there are a number of Vietnamese online media sites dedicated to football. BongDa, for instance, is a popular website for football fans in Vietnam, with scores and news on local soccer leagues.

The online sports media market in Vietnam is booming, with a number of websites catering to fans. BongDa, for example, offers extensive sports coverage and video content for fans of the sport. The site also includes a prediction game and betting games for sports enthusiasts. A number of other popular sports websites in Vietnam are also available online.

YouSport is another popular source of online sports news in Vietnam, featuring news on all kinds of sports in the country. There are also live sports reports, betting games, and local soccer league schedules. BongDa also provides local league news, including live coverage.


YeuTheThao is one of the leading online sports news portals in Vietnam. It specializes in football news and has a 24-hour service. It offers information about Vietnam football and global leagues. It also offers video content and live reporting on sport news. A user can also place bets on sports matches.

Online sports news in Vietnam can be accessed from many sources, including Thao 247 and BongDa. Thao 247 has content covering the country’s biggest sporting events. The website YeuTheThao features live soccer news, video content for soccer fans, and predictions.

YeuTheThao is the leading online sports news website in Vietnam, alongside 8X and BongDa. Its football section is among the largest in the country, ranking in the top 30. The website has recently expanded its coverage into mobile platforms. Its iPhone application Diadiem Vietnam 2.0 is one of the most popular free sports news apps in the country.


8X Online Sports News is a leading Vietnamese sports casino trực tuyến news website, offering a wide range of sports news and video content. The site covers football and other sports, and offers live scores and betting games. You can also find detailed schedules of Viet Nam boxing events. Besides sports news, 8X offers betting games and sports prediction games. It also covers live scoring for tennis matches.

The website is primarily aimed at football fans, but also covers other sports. It includes live reporting, articles, videos, and highlights from international football matches. It also covers the latest developments in Vietnamese football, including its national team’s recent success in a major tournament. South Korean football coach Park Hang-seo has been named as the most influential coach in Vietnamese football history, and the national team is gearing up for the 2019 SEA Games.

Besides football, 8X Online Sports News also covers volleyball, rugby, and e-sports. It features video content, live reporting, and interviews with players. The site also publishes scores, standings, and interviews.

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