Are Electric Scooters Good for Students?

Starting college is an exciting time in a young person’s life, but navigating campus can be daunting at first. To get to class without stress from your room, electric scooters are essential.

No more being late to class looking like you just got out of bed because you woke up to sleep. An Electric Scooter is the easiest and fastest way to get around a large university campus.

Benefits of Electric Scooters for Students;

Cheap to Own;

Going to college is expensive: tuition, room, food, the list goes on. If some students are lucky enough to have parents who support them financially during their studies or benefit from a scholarship, others will have to work to finance their university life.

Electric scooters are a very affordable way to get around campus or work. Although the cost of buying an electric scooter is not cheap, especially if you want a decent model, running an electric scooter hardly costs a penny. As long as you can charge your electric scooter when the battery is low, there are very few other costs involved.

Having a car is the dream of every student. They are ideal for weekend road trips and daily commutes. Unfortunately, having a car comes with additional expenses, including gas, registration, and registration. Also, students tend to have fairly old used cars, which means repair and maintenance costs will increase at some point.


Young people continually fight to raise awareness of the impact we have on the environment. In 2019, there were climate protests around the world. Where thousands of children and teenagers were seen marching through cities, demanding action against climate change.

It is no secret that the car is not the most sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transport. In the United States, vehicles produce about a third of all American air pollution. Not only are toxic gases released into the air the problem, but road construction has a huge impact on wildlife.

We are starting to see some countries trying to encourage people to switch to less polluting modes of transport. In the USA, the government is proposing a plan to improve air quality by offering money to motorists to leave their vehicle and spend it on public transport, bicycles or electric scooters.

Battery electric scooters are a much more sustainable option than cars. Environmentally conscious students can rest easy knowing their electric scooter isn’t destroying the planet.

Convenience and portability;

Electric scooters are ideal for transportation. Many models are built with lightweight frames, making them easier to transport. Whether you’re taking one to a conference room or the library, you can tuck them under a seat or lean them against a wall out of the way.

Also, college student dorms are known to be quite small, so being able to easily store an electric scooter under the bed is another plus. Electric scooters, like the iscooter One, have a folding system that makes it very portable. Whether you need to store your e-scooter in your friend’s car or take it on public transport, you will have no problem with a folding electric scooter.

The advantage of an electric scooter over a bicycle or e-bike is that these vehicles remain outdoors. Although locking the bike is a deterrent, many bikes still have their wheels or helmet stolen if left unattended for long periods of time.

Drive day and Night;

Students lead busy lives and an electric scooter is ideal for driving at night. The Raine One electric scooter is equipped with an LED headlight and taillight to improve visibility and safety. Whether you’re coming home from the library late at night or after dinner with friends, an electric scooter will get you home safely.

Some people may feel uncomfortable walking around campus alone in the dark, so they end up looking for a cab or Uber. An electric scooter is a great alternative for students to safely return to their dormitories. However, it is important to note that you should not ride an electric scooter if you have been drinking as you could injure yourself and/or others.

Gain Time;

Late for class? An e-scooter will get you there quickly without breaking a sweat. Many electric scooters have powerful motors that can reach high speeds. The isooter One electric scooter can reach up to 50 km/h (31 mph), which is much faster than you can walk.

There may be days when you’ve left a book in your room or want to go back for lunch, but if you’re pacing back and forth, it’s almost time for your next class. With an e-scooter you can get around the campus much faster than if you just walked.

Benefits of Electric Scooters for Universities;

Make parking easier on campus;

Universities in major cities often have very limited parking and for students and staff living off campus this can mean having to drive to campus much earlier just to find a parking space.

As demand for parking increases, some campuses will increase campus parking pass rates to try to discourage people from driving to campus. However, driving may be the only option for people living in places where there is no access to public transportation.

Fortunately, electric scooters offer a great solution as they are portable and therefore a great option for easy campus parking as they are fast and do not require a parking space.

Help the campus shuttles;

Many universities have shuttles to connect students to the subway and buses, but these rides can increase costs and are sometimes inconvenient for short trips. Electric scooters can help solve the “last mile” problem and cost much less than a short bus ride.

Campus shuttles also don’t run 24 hours a day, which can be a problem for students staying late to study for exams or attend an on-campus event. Taking a taxi can also be expensive for students, making an Electric scooter for Adults a much cheaper alternative.

Travel Between Campuses;

Some college campuses are quite large with buildings scattered throughout the city. For students carrying heavy books and laptops, it can be quite tiring and time consuming.

Electric scooters are a reliable way to get around on campus and beyond. Students with cars also do not drive to other parts of the campus because it is difficult to find another parking space or pay another fine.

For students who also have friends who live off campus, it becomes much more convenient to meet up with them when they have an electric scooter. The easier it is for them to move around during the day with heavy backpacks, the more energy they have for important things like studying (and drinking).

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