How To Design A Low Maintenance Kitchen?

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Kitchen..….whenever we think of this, the first image which stucks our mind is a spacious and elegant space in the home. Isn’t it?

This is the place in our home which we want to be the best one as this is the only place where we cook happiness which is served on a plate. It is just the heart of a home.

But  the difficult thing  is that this place is too hard to keep clean. Crumbs, smoke, grease, grime, dust, stains, spills, and splatters are all things you have to deal with. However, there are useful layouts for our kitchens that will make cleaning and keeping them simpler.

This blog lists a number of tips by Alma Designs which will help you in designing your low maintenance kitchen.

Avoid placing lighting near the stove

Cooking creates oil and filth, and anything hanging close to the stove will accumulate this grime and grease on its surface. Stick with recessed can lights or lights built into your exhaust hood for lighting near the stove. You can add pendants, sconces, and small chandeliers several feet away from your stove, in places like over the kitchen island, in the breakfast nook, or above a sink.

All the way up to the ceiling, use cabinets

Take cabinetry all the way to the ceiling to prevent having to clean the areas above your upper cabinets, where a lot of dust and grime can collect. Alternately, if your kitchen has enough lower cabinet and pantry storage, you could opt to eliminate all upper cabinets altogether. Although you may lose some storage, your kitchen will feel more open and light, and cleaning a flat wall is frequently much simpler than cleaning cabinets.

Place the trash can close to the sink

You may easily scrape plates before cleaning the dishes by using a trash bin inside a cupboard next to the sink and dishwasher. Place the trash can nearby the sink, but not right underneath it, if there is room. So, as a second person is at the sink rinsing dishes, the first person might be scraping and stacking dishes. For the majority of individuals, the optimal arrangement would be sink, dishwasher, and trash can.

Easily Maintained Kitchen Flooring

In most of these homes, you can see the worst part of the home becomes the kitchen floors. It is all because of the stains, water, oils and various other kitchen items. So, it is very important to choose the kitchen flooring which is stain resistant, waterproof, etc. You can also go for the wood flooring option. You need to choose the color of the floor which could retain the stain colors.

Easily Maintained Kitchen Chimney

The best way to eliminate grease, smoke, and oil from cooking is to invest in a modern kitchen chimney or extractor because they are both strong, silent, and all-in-one solutions. When choosing the best kitchen chimney for your cooking area, factors such as suction power, kitchen size, chimney filter types, cleaning method, budget, after-sales assistance, and warranty should be taken into account.

Choose countertops that require no maintenance:

Nonporous, stain-resistant surfaces are now more widely available than ever. They never need to be sealed and are simply cleanable. The most common option is certainly quartz, but you can also choose a stainless steel countertop or a porcelain slab. The solid surface material Corian is still available; I have it in my present kitchen. However, because that material is no longer as highly prized as it once was, I would think carefully before installing it in a new kitchen. The best materials to choose are either quartz or stainless steel.

Pick a backsplash that has little to no grout.

Grout-free backsplashes are simpler to clean. The flat, smooth surfaces of quartz, granite, marble, porcelain, and quartzite slabs can be simply cleaned with a rag or sponge. Just be cautious when using marble as a backsplash because it is quite porous and can become damaged by things like spilled wine and tomato sauce. Wall surfaces that are solid and simple to clean include mirrors, sheets of stainless steel, back-painted glass, and even washable paint.

So, here you got the most tricks to design a low maintenance kitchen which also saves your money, effort, and time. If you are having any low maintenance kitchen design and want to seek guidance and help, feel free to contact Alma Designs. These are the best Modular Kitchen Designer in Mohali.

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