Magnetic connectors are also used for custom magnetic cables, magnet charging heads, etc.; They are ideal connectors for electronic equipment, mainly using Pogo Pins. A connector combined with a magnet is designed by the structure of a magnet and magnet contacting and attracting.

What is a magnetic connector?

The magnetic connector includes a male end assembly and a female end assembly that can be coaxial with the male end assembly. The male end assembly includes:

–A first outer ring rubber piece.

–A first-ring rubber piece.

–A first-ring magnet.

–Two male PIN pins.

Influence of environment on the magnetic connector

1. Moisture resistance

The constant humidity and heat test conditions are 90%~95% relative humidity and +40±20℃. If the environment is too humid, the moisture intrusion will affect the insulation performance of the connection. At the same time, it will corrode the metal parts, thereby reducing the service life of the connector and changing its performance.

2. Salt spray resistance

Suppose you must operate in an environment full of moisture and salt for a long time. In that case, the metal structure of the Pogo Pin magnetic connector and the surface treatment layer of the contact is likely to have galvanic corrosion, which will affect the physical and physical properties of the magnetic connector.

3. Temperature resistance

The maximum temperature rise allowed by the connector under the rated working current is clearly specified in practical application work. If the specified temperature is exceeded, it is not allowed. Otherwise, it will have serious consequences for the product. Because when the connector is working, the current will generate heat at the contact point, resulting in a temperature rise, so the operating temperature should be equal to the sum of the ambient temperature and the contact temperature rise.

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