Luigi Drawing

Instructions On How to Draw Luigi Easily. There are many iconic and recognizable video game characters, but the most iconic of them all is undoubtedly Mario the Plumber.

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This character is known worldwide, but his cowardly brother Luigi is just as famous and popular! While Mario might get the most out of the spotlight

Luigi has starred in many games; many people have even chosen him over his younger sibling. For fans of this character, learning to draw Luigi can also be a lot of fun.

How to Draw Luigi

Step 1

One of the most recognizable aspects of Luigi is his light green hat, and here we start this first step of our guide on how to draw Luigi. First, you can use a round line for her ear and then add curved lines inside the ear shape.

Next, extend another curved line from his ear to the brim of his hat. So the top of his hat has an extensive rounded line in the front with a minor bump in the back.

Finally, for this step, you can add some lines for her hair with some small thick curved lines for her eyebrows. That’s all for this step, and now you can proceed!

Step 2

Next, for your drawing of Luigi, we will add his facial details and finish his last. You can start by drawing a capital L in a circle on his hat.

Next, use a nice curved line for her large nose. Its eyes are oval with several smaller ovals as pupils.

Then his mustache is drawn with curved lines, with his smiling mouth underneath. Then you can finish this step by adding the chin and the nape of the neck.

Step 3

You’re doing a great job with this tutorial on how to draw Luigi! We continue by drawing his next arm. First, you can pull out his sizeable gloved hand, which is raised triumphantly from his head.

You will then use a straight line from the fist to his arm. Once the component is drawn, we will use curved lines to create the shapes of his shoulder suit. You can then add a circle on the left strap for a button.

Step 4

For the next arm of your drawing of Luigi, extend two slightly curved lines coming out of his suit, then add another gloved hand.

This hand is at a different angle than the first one, so it looks slightly different. Next, add another button to the other strap of his suit.

Finally, for this step, you can use a curved line for her rounded stomach and a shorter one for her back. That completes this part, and we need to add a few final details in the next step.

Step 5

Luigi loves to run and jump, so in this step of our how-to-draw Luigi guide, let’s add his legs! The first leg is lifted to show it is walking.

Draw Luigi

You can use a curved line for the top portion while keeping the bottom leg on the line for the back. Then you can tighten the base of his performance with a round line for the top. Then his other leg sticks out from under him, and we only see the top of his shoe because of the angle.

Once you’ve seen that it looks like the reference image, you’re ready for the final step! Before proceeding, you can also count some points.

You could draw a background to show your favorite level where Luigi appears. You could look at pictures of Mario and draw his brother next to you! How will you complete this fifth step?

Step 6

In this last phase of your drawing of Luigi, we will add some fantastic colors to your picture. We kept Luigi’s classic green and blue color scheme in our reference image. You can use it to reference your drawing to keep the colors accurate!

Luigi Drawing

Luigi also had different colored outfits during his matches, so you can opt for those colors if you prefer. You could even create a unique color scheme for him if you want to jazz it up!

Once you know what colors you want, you can also have fun choosing what artistic mediums you use to bring them to life.

Your Luigi Drawing is Finished!

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