Singapore is not only famous as a tourist destination but also a shopping paradise for travel enthusiasts. Traveling to Singapore on your own, do not forget to choose for yourself unique souvenirs to give as gifts to relatives and friends at home. What are the best things to buy in Singapore? Let’s take a look at the super cool souvenirs below and find out what to buy in Singapore!

1. MerLion Souvenirs

Merlion is a famous mascot in Singapore with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. This is a prominent symbol of Singapore that you can see anywhere. Merlion is also a spiritual symbol that many people believe will bring good luck in business, helping homeowners do business smoothly. 

When going to Singapore, buying a sea lion souvenir to keep for yourself or give to friends is the right standard without needing to adjust. Sea lion souvenirs have a wide variety of products from stuffed animals, t-shirts, or even household items such as toothpick boxes, and paper boxes, and definitively a good item in the what to buy in Singapore list.

If you are looking for these Singapore’s famous products, Chinatown is definitely the ideal place for you to choose. How to go to Chinatown: North East Line or Downtown Line, Chinatown station. In addition to Chinatown, you can also go to Mustafa Center to find yourself a souvenir from keychains, lighters, and mini Merlion sea lion statues to Singapore Eagle brand oil, tea, coffee, etc at extremely affordable prices. 

2. Fashion Clothing & Accessories

Referring to the list of what to buy in Singapore, it is impossible to ignore fashion clothes, and accessories because Singapore is a shopping paradise. Clothing and accessories are sold everywhere from fashion shops, and shopping malls, to small stalls at markets. Especially on the vibrant Orchard Road, there are many quality fashion clothing items, diverse designs, and models for you to choose from Bata, Hush Puppy, and Aldo brands are all famous brands specializing in selling eyewear, shoes, bags, etc. You can you in-store coupons to get a discount and earn more for your trip. 

If you want to find popular brands at a more affordable price, you can find them at Bossini, Forever21, Giordano, Fox, and many other popular brands. When coming to Bugis Junction or Vivo City shopping mall, you will lost in the stalls selling beautiful and strange fashion accessories at reasonable prices. Moreover, you can rest assured about the quality of the goods, do not worry about poor quality, or fake goods because the goods here are strictly censored. In Singapore, there is never a fake.

3. What to buy in Singapore: Confectionery & Snacks

At Value chain stores in Singapore, there are many types of Japanese-style confectionery that you can buy as gifts. More specifically, there are also sea lion-shaped candies (how can this be missed, a gift from Singapore). Value chain stores are present almost everywhere in Singapore, so it is very convenient for you if you want to find a place to shop. The prices here are also very affordable, much cheaper than the goods in the shopping centers. So if you buy these Singapore must-buy snacks, remember to buy a lot.

Besides Candylicious is also a paradise to buy candy. Do not bring small children here because they will never want to go back. Each Candylicious store displays hundreds of colorful candy jars of all types, flavors, and different popular brands. You can choose the type you like, scoop and weigh it like a buffet. This system has two stores, one in Vivo City and one in Sentosa, right in front of the Universal Studio Singapore gate.

4. What to buy in Singapore: Cosmetics

If you are the number one fan of cosmetics and makeup products, you don’t need to go far to Korea, just go to Sasa, Sephora, or Watson’s stores in Singapore to find yourself the best quality products. Sephora’s prices are very affordable, just look at this Sephora lipstick review and you will know why. Meanwhile, Watson has the cult brand Essence from Australia. All three of these store chains sell very different types of products and brands, so if you have time, you should go for a walk. All three so you don’t miss any of your favorites.

5. Ornaments

There is a paradise of very unique and strange little decorations in the heart of Singapore. Go to Arab street (very close to the Bugis area, so it’s very convenient to travel) to discover all kinds of hand-designed items such as bags, jewelry, shoes, carpets, and home decor lights with Greek and Indian styles. The price is not very expensive, but you have to pay a price if you want an item at a reasonable price because they specialize in selling to tourists.

6. What to buy in Singapore: Batik Silk Clothing

It would be a mistake if you come to Singapore and miss the Toko Aljunied store, especially since this store is one of the rare shops in Singapore that still sells Batik fabric. This is an old Indian family shop and of course, you will find it right in the Arab Quarter. Besides Batik fabric, there is also a place to sell many designs of traditional Peranakan and Indonesian costumes. There are even cheap perfumes available. The sellers here are also very enthusiastic and open, so why not stop by once?

7. Kaya jam

Kaya is a special jam made from coconut milk and eggs, very popular in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, and also Singapore’s famous products. Kaya jam, eaten with a slice of bread, is a unique and unforgettable taste, even though it is not a sophisticated dish when looking at it. Come to Yakun Kaya Toast Family Cafe – a famous address for Kaya jam to reward yourself with a complete breakfast. There are also pre-packed Kaya jam jars for you to buy as gifts. Or you can absolutely find a jar of Kaya jam at one of the big supermarkets in Singapore.

8. What to buy in Singapore: Bak Kwa (Dried Meat)

Bak Kwa is a popular dish in Singapore that is often used as a gift to each others during the Lunar New Year. This ancient dish of Chinese origin is usually made from thin slices of dried chicken, beef, or pork. If you want to buy Bak Kwa as a gift, you can try Fragrance Foodstuff because this is the first place that sells Bak Kwa in many different flavors such as Honey Bak Kwa, Chicken Bak Kwa, or even Fish Bak Kwa crocodile,….

9. Laksa sauce

Besides famous traditional dishes such as Bak-Kwa and Kaya, Laksa is also one of the culinary highlights of Singaporeans. This is a traditional Peranakan dish, which is a blend of curry, coconut milk, and chili sauce in a broth served with noodles or vermicelli, shrimp, blood cockles, and otak otak fish cakes. And for the convenience of visitors, Laksa sauce is canned by Singaporeans in glass jars. So this is must buy in Singapore supermarkets. You just need to bring it home and cook it with the same ingredients basically to have a bowl of hot Laksa at home.

Above are 9 things if you wonder what to buy in Singapore. Follow us and FindCouponHere for more related content and explore more savings tips. 

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