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Jaisalmer is also known as the “golden City” and is well-known for its amazing desert safaris. Sam Sand Dunes is 45 km from Jaisalmer and is a popular destination for tourists around the globe. you can also do it jeep safari Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer offers cultural events, fairs, and closeness to nature. Many desert camps offer great accommodation options at Sam Sand Dunes. Below are some of the options.

1.Maharaja Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, India

Maharaja Camp is a popular desert camp in Jaisalmer. It has become very popular among those looking for comfortable and pleasant sleeping experiences. The camp offers 35 accommodations including spacious suites, spacious playrooms and large bathrooms that can be connected to the tent or kitchenette. All meals are included, including breakfast and lunch buffets. For one night, the cost of accommodation is INR 3000


Day 1

  • You will be taken to the desert camp. After your arrival, you can take a desert safari.
  • Then, return to camp before sunset. A traditional Tikka Dasturi ceremony will be performed to welcome you and provide some refreshments.
  • You can take a camel ride, or go on a jeep safari through the Thar desert if you dress comfortably.
  • Fire Dance and DJ Night are available all night. Take part in cultural activities such as Rajasthani-style painting. You can enjoy a delicious meal prepared from the Rajasthani traditional buffet, while listening to great folk music and dancing.
  • The night sky is filled with stars and galaxies. You can sleep while listening to the cool breeze.

Day 2

  • Start your day at the camp with a delicious breakfast and stunning views of the desert.
  • You can check out the camp, then travel to Jaisalmer to explore its historic streets and local market.
  • After that, you can return home.

2. Sam Sand Dunes – Jaisalmer Desert Safari Camp

Sam Dunes Desert Camp provides every luxury and organizes fun activities for everyone to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is approximately 30 miles from the closest city centre. They offer comfortable tents as well as camel safaris to allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sunrises of the Thar Desert.

You can choose between camel rides before sunset and after sunset. This will allow you to experience the cool moonlight and silvery light. You can enjoy the cultural performances and eat the delicious traditional Rajasthani dinner buffet at the bonfire.

Prince Desert Camp is one of Jaisalmer’s most luxurious camps, with approximately 30 tents. The Thar Desert’s interior is decorated with folk art and handmade wall art. They also have a bathroom for the tents. The campsite is situated at a considerable distance from the main road, other camping areas, and is therefore isolated from city life. You can see the stunning sunrise if you get up early. Along with the Rajasthani folk dance and camel safari, breakfast and dinner are included.

One night at Rs. 1500 per person.

3. Prince Desert Retreat

Prince Desert Camp is one of the most luxurious camps in Jaisalmer, near Sam Sand Dunes. It has at least 30 tents. The Desert Desert has a charming village atmosphere, with its interior decorated with folk paintings and wall art.

The packages include meals (dinner and breakfast), a Jeep safari through the desert and Rajasthani dance performances. One night at Rs. 4500 per person.

4. Limra Desert Camp – Jaisalmer Jeep Safari Camping

Near Jaisalmer’s Sam Sand Dunes, the Related term Desert base camp can be found at 40 kms from the city center. You will feel a rich sense of Rajasthani culture, history, and tradition at the campsite. You will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a Rajasthani folk dance and Jeep safari in the desert. One night costs Rs. 4000 per person.

5. Sky Desert Safari Camps Jaisalmer

The Sky Desert Safari Camp offers twenty luxurious tents that have queen-size beds and clean bathrooms. Eagle Safari Desert Camp is known for organizing the most beautiful camel and Jeep safaris through Desert to allow you to enjoy stunning sunrise and sunset views. Paragliding is also available in Jaisalmer which is just a few kilometers from Sam Sand dunes. You will also receive a breakfast and dinner buffet, as well as a dromedary tour. For Rs. 1,100 per person, One night at Rs.

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