Top Tools That Municipal Workers Use for Their Work

Municipal workers are industrious. They spend countless hours on the street fixing water and sewer systems. Municipal workers not just need to be hard-working, but they are tool-savvy, too.

These people know the nitty-gritty of using advanced equipment and tools to get the job done. Municipal employees are well capable of using advanced tools like a concrete cutting blade for grindervalve exerciser, utility pump, and others. 

Valve Exerciser

Valve Exerciser

Municipal workers must ensure the smooth flow of potable water round the clock. The supply of water should be consistent and steady. A valve exerciser is essential to making sure that the water systems work uninterruptedly 24*7. 

Valves shouldn’t get stiff and rigid. If they don’t move, you need mechanical help to make them flexible. Alternatively, you can buy VEX-400, which comes with 18-volt batteries and a Metabo drill motor for heavy-duty performance. 

Utility Pump


Standing water often creates a problem for municipal workers. They may find it difficult to access underground structures, including valve boxes because of water. 

That’s when workers use a utility pump to get the water removed from the site. The powerful pump with a PVC body stays protected from rust, dents, and corrosion. It is compatible with 20-volt DeWalt or 18-volt Milwaukee battery. The machine can pump 16 gallons per 65 seconds and weights around six pounds. 

Concrete Cutting Blade for Grinder

Concrete Cutting Blade for Grinder

These workers also need to use advanced concrete cutting blades to fix cracks. If the problematic floor or surface is not inspected properly, it can do more damage. Municipal workers often have to use a concrete cutting blade as a grinder to repair or fix the damaged structure.   

Proper concrete grinding is the key to getting the perfect concrete surface with no issues. You should also get useless objects removed from the surface before installing new concrete. 

Other Tools

Plenty of other tools are also used by municipal workers. Manhole covers are equally essential as they prohibit unauthorized access by a layman to the community’s sewage system.

These engineering jobs require a high degree of precision. You will often see these hardworking employees make use of hand-held saws, belly saws, and various other tools in their daily work schedule.  

In Conclusion

Municipal workers have a high degree of expertise and skills in managing various types of tools. A few decades back, many of these tasks were performed manually, but that’s not the case anymore. 

Now, they use gas- or electrically-powered saws and other tools. It helps them complete the task in a short period and with much efficiency. Another purpose of using these tools is they are safe and easy to operate.  

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