Imagine getting the benefits of e-cigarettes without using a traditional e-cigarette pen. With its unique dual mesh coil design and 10,000 puffs, the Binaries Cabin does just that.

What’s a Binaries Vape?

Binaries vape is dedicated to making a brand-new electronic cigarette that not only fixes the problems with traditional electronic cigarettes, like their small capacity but also adds a double coil heating feature to improve the atomization effect. Because of this, their e-cigarettes have a unique selling point that dealers like.

Binaries Cabin

Are they looking for a better vape pen than the one you have now? Binaries are worth a look. Their first product, the binaries cabin, takes performance to the next level with powerful steam and support for 10,000 puffs. If you are new to vaping or want a better experience, Binaries is a good choice.

What’s Good About Binaries Vape

1. Makes a lot of vapor: Because they have a double mesh coil structure, Binaries Vape make more vapor than regular vape pens.

2. Doesn’t need to be cleaned: Binaries Vape sell disposable e-cigarettes, meaning that the e-juice can be thrown away when it’s gone, so there’s no need to clean or refill them.

3. Multiple flavor choices: Binaries Vape can use more than one flavor, and you can choose from as many as a dozen.

4. Portable: Since Binaries Vape are disposable, they are more portable and easy to take.


Binaries Vape might be the best choice for people who are just starting e-cigarettes or want to upgrade from regular vape pens. Binaries Vape make a lot of steam and are easy to use. Customers who want to buy them will have to go to a dealer who works with Binaries.

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