Wilderness Programs For Troubled Youth are designed to provide a safe and therapeutic environment where young people can explore the consequences of their actions, overcome addiction, develop self-esteem and learn to live drug-free. ANASAZI Foundation lets kids know how to live outdoors, where they can build character and confidence and solve problems using nature. Above all, we want to help kids find their way back home.

Youth in our programs learn skills that help them deal with life’s challenges and rebuild their lives.

A few Things You Will Benefit From Wilderness Programs For Troubled Youth.

  1. Overcome addiction
  2. Self-esteem building
  3. Confidence in oneself through the skill building
  4. Connecting to nature
  5. Learning self-reliance and taking care of oneself (feeding, hygiene, etc.)
  6. Developing a sense of accomplishment through the meaningful work of living self-sustaining.
  7. Asking for help when needed
  8. Take responsibility for their actions
  9. Learn to live drug-free
  10. Learn how to get along when surrounded by nature and others taking care of themselves in an autonomous manner
  11. Expose them to life in the woods and allow them to learn how to interact with others in a group setting
  12. Developing an understanding of cause and effect

What is All Included in Wilderness Programs For Youth?

  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Trauma Healing (youth will learn to cope with the effects of drug use, physical abuse, and sexual abuse)
  3. Wilderness Living Skills (how to live as a self-reliant individual in the wilderness without becoming utterly dependent on dependencies) (water purification, building fire, and shelter, living off the land)
  4. Learning to live drug-free
  5. Confidence building
  6. Developing a clear understanding of one’s life purpose and direction
  7. Restoring trust in one’s self, others, and God
  8. Learning how to be responsible, taking ownership over one’s actions, decisions, and consequences
  9. Connecting to nature in a meaningful manner (caring for the environment)
  10. Developing the ability to get along with others (social skills)
  11. Developing a sense of independence and discipline.
  12. Learning to communicate effectively (building relationships with others)
  13. Allowing youth to learn how to control their own lives and become more aware of the consequences their actions have on others in the wilderness environment

Why Choose Wilderness Programs For Youth?

  1. With Wilderness Programs For Troubled Youth, you can expect kids to learn how to live outdoors, where they can build character once again and gain confidence.
  2. The kid will gain a strong sense of purpose and direction by connecting with their environment and nature.
  3. You can expect a child to develop independence and self-discipline by learning to live in the wilderness without relying on unhealthy dependencies.
  4. Wilderness Programs For Youth can help them become better leaders and role models through wilderness education.
  5. Kids will learn how to ask for help when they need assistance in a healthy way, rather than by becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol for relief of pain or suffering.
  6. We naturally believe in a hands-on approach to education and teaching our values, so the program provides each child with a tool kit to work with.
  7. They will be able to learn from their experiences from the mistakes they make and develop problem-solving skills by using their environment to solve problems.
  8. Our goal for every child enrolled in Wilderness Programs For Troubled Youth is to develop self-esteem, confidence, courage, and leadership skills that will open new doors of opportunity for their future.
  9. By teaching them how to live outdoors, we hope to give them a better understanding of self-reliance and become more aware of their actions’ consequences on others.
  10. As many of these kids have been born and raised within a drug culture. We also hope to deter them from drug use in the future just by living off the land and experiencing nature without it.


We at ANASAZI Foundation let the children rebuild their lives and conquer the obstacles that stand in their way. Every kid can make a difference in themselves, and by investing time in them, they can all become great leaders. Our wilderness programs for youth are to help kids become who they are meant to be by teaching them how to live outdoors and seeing the consequences their actions can have on their lives. For a free consultation, contact us at (480) 892-7403.

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