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A ring light is an extra light source that is usually shaped like a circle with a hole in the middle. It has the right connections or mounts to hold smartphones, cameras, or other video recording devices and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Want to buy a new light ring selfie prop? Find a cheap lighting solution with many features that will help you look better on video conference calls quickly.

Ring lights are used in a lot of different ways in the visual arts, including professional beauty and make-up tutorials, e-Learning, product photography for digital marketing, and making multimedia content for websites and social networks.

Things to Consider While Buying A Ring Light

Sources of Light

Most ring lights sold in stores are made to work with fluorescent tubes or LEDs. But in recent years, LED ring lights are becoming more popular than fluorescent tube ring lights because they have more benefits.


Fluorescent tube ring lights are limited in their mobility because they require a main outlet as a direct power source. On the other hand, a portable ring light can be powered by either a main outlet or batteries, giving them more options.

Using up Electrical Power

LED ring lights use a more advanced, mercury-free, high-performance, and energy-efficient technology. This reduces the amount of electricity used and the amount of heat lost, which saves money on energy costs, keeps the temperature comfortable and makes it safer to use.

Using Energy Well

On the other hand, fluorescent tube ring lights acould be moreenergy efficient. As a result, they use more electricity and lose more heat, which can be uncomfortable if the light is too close to people or things. They are also riskier because they use mercury, which is a poisonous substance that can leak out if the tube breaks.

Sources of Energy

There are different ways to power the ring lights with electricity. Some ring lights get their power from a wall outlet outside.

Other ring lights have USB cables and AC/DC adapters that let you connect them to a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop PC so you can record videos or take photos while they are on.

Some ring lights are powered by rechargeable batteries (AA batteries or Lithium-ion batteries), which means they can be used on their own for photos and recordings outside.

But most ring lights only have one way to power them (a wall outlet or batteries), so you have to decide if you need a ring light for a lot of indoor use, in which case you should get one that is powered by a wall outlet or USB cable, or if you want to use it outside, in which case you should get one that is powered by batteries.

Size and Weight

Ring lights come in a wide range of sizes and weights, but the most popular and useful ones are usually between 10 and 18 inches in diameter. There are smaller and bigger ring lights, but because of their size and weight, they are only good for certain tasks and are less useful than those between 10 and 18 inches.

The mini ring light is great for home and personal use, like Zoom video conferences for remote work, e-learning, and creating content for websites and social media, especially if you don’t have a lot of space or want to make the most of your workstation design.

On the other hand, larger ring light selfie gives off more light and are better for more complex uses. They usually come with kits of accessories, like mounts for cameras, tripods, recording devices, and microphones. Because of this, they are best for indoor studios, product photography, and other professional uses where large objects or spaces need to be lit up.

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