From Sexual Dysfunction to Sexual Wellness: Sexologist Advice

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is any anomaly in your sex life. It can happen both in men and women and might make your relationship sour. If anything about your sex life bothers you, you should seek help from an expert right away without wasting more time. The time you will burn in hesitation and overthinking will only complicate things for you and your partner. Let us see how a sexologist can help you fight sexual dysfunction and head toward sexual wellness.

Sexologist’s role in your healthy sex life

While sexual intimacy is a vital part of human life, we often choose to avoid discussing the topic. The belief has been enforced by our society and our parents that it is not an appropriate topic to discuss. The stigma associated is the sole reason for the lack of awareness and half knowledge. There is nothing more dangerous than half-baked stories you hear from your friends or peers. Deceitful information can impair your relationships with your partners. Here comes the role of a sexologist who is graced with all the knowledge in the world and can direct you in the right direction.

Men associate their manhood with their sexual abilities. There is nothing more devastating for them when their sexual prowess is in question. The incapability to get or maintain an erection can shatter their confidence and make them extremely vulnerable. Erectile dysfunction is quite a common issue but most men do not come out and seek help. Instead, they fall for gimmicks or scams that either give no results or complicate the situation further. Some men accept the condition and decide to live with it. The truth is that most cases are treatable, and you can get the treatment from a good sexologist. Book a consultation for Ed today at Dr. Arora’s Men’s Wellness Clinic for the best results.

Sexual Dysfunction

There are many other sexual dysfunctions that men can go through and may require treatment. Another common sexual issue is premature ejaculation. Uncontrolled ejaculation can jeopardize sexual intimacy. The couple does not feel satisfied, and the issue might create problems in the relationship. Early ejaculation could happen for various reasons, and it is for the sexologist to find the exact cause from the information they collect from you. Most sexual dysfunction treatments are available with the sexologist, and you only need to pay a visit to detangle your life issues.

Painful or delayed ejaculation could also impair the otherwise pleasurable experience. Again the reasons could be physical or psychological. The sexologists conduct a thorough physical and psychological assessment to figure out the exact cause. After finding the etiology, the sexologist can advise the most suited treatment option.

Sexual Desire

The difference in sexual desires remains one of the most common issues faced by a couple. If you have a high libido and your partner has a low libido, it could create major dissatisfaction and affect your relationship’s happiness quotient. A relationship needs a balance of emotional, physical, financial, and mental needs. Even if one aspect is mismatched, it could create friction between the partners. You should seek marriage counseling to address the difference in libido or find a middle path on your own. If you suddenly notice a change in libido and feel helpless, a sexologist can help you understand the condition. Low libido can happen for various reasons and is usually catered according to the underlying reason. 

One more common problem in today’s generation is insecurity about their penis sizes. Uninterrupted and high-speed internet has given open access to all kinds of information on the internet. The information, however, could be misleading and make you look for unreal standards of penis length. The fact is that a penis length of 3-6 inches is adequate and can gratify your sexual needs. Women also do not bother about penis size but are keener on how you behave in bed. If you still think that you have a smaller penis, you can consult a sexologist and know for real if that is the case. 

Sex Life

Along with handling sexual dysfunctions, sexologists can advise you to amp up your sex life via various means and methods. The sexologist can help you realize the role of a healthy lifestyle in improving your sex life. Looking at your personality, the doctor may suggest some lifestyle modifications to attain better health.

Usually, it involves a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity. Good dietary habits help you have a disease-free life and fortify your sexual health. Exercise will also help you stay fitter and manage weight, preventing various common illnesses and adding to your sex life. The doctor can also advise you to control your alcohol consumption and quit smoking. Along with that, the doctor can advise therapy if you are encompassed with mental illnesses. The doctor might also tell you to work on your stress levels if you are anxiety prone. The crux of this remains that a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for a healthy sex life. The doctor might advise sexual dysfunction treatment and ask you to work on your relationship. 

Bottom line

Sexual dysfunction can drain you and be the biggest obstacle to being your usual self. It is important to take a step ahead and consult a sexologist to take care of things well in time. The sexologist can save you from ruining your relationship and help you lead a happier life with your partner.

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