Step By Step Spiderman Easy Drawing

Spiderman Easy Drawing is the holiday season, with many indications, such as Christmas trees inside and decorations outside. The elf on the shelf custom is another reminder of this period.

It may be fun to learn how to draw an elf on a shelf and create some festive artwork to get into the holiday spirit. Fortunately, this post will demonstrate how to do so in detail. Working on this step-by-step tutorial on drawing an elf on a shelf should be a lot of fun for you.

Step By Step Drawing

  • We’ll start at the top in this first part of our tutorial on drawing an elf on a shelf. This is meant to be taken literally since we’ll be working on the elf’s head and hat.
  • A curving line that causes the hat to sag slightly to the side will be used to sketch it. The base will then have a droopy rectangle so that the hat’s rim may be seen.
  • Once the hat is complete, you may sketch the outline of the face and add hair to the sides.
  • The process for this stage is complete, and you can go on.


  • Sketch the elf’s facial features.
  • In this step, you will add some facial details to your elf on-the-shelf drawing.
  • You can use some basic circles for the eyes and insert smaller circles inside of those circles to represent the pupils. After that, you can add fairly straightforward lines to the elf’s nose and mouth to make it smile.
  • You can complete this phase by placing some ears on the sides of the head.


  • Draw the elf’s spiky collar in step three.
  • In this section of our instructions for an elf on a shelf, we will briefly leave the head and begin drawing the clothing.
  • We’ll start by designing the elf’s shirt’s wide collar for the time being. You can use some jagged lines to make the spikes on the bottom of the collar.
  • We won’t be doing anything else for this phase, so let’s go on to more of the elf’s attire.


  • After that, draw your elf’s arms.
  • We will now add some floppy arms to your drawing of an elf on a shelf because elf-on-a-shelf characters are notorious for having floppy limbs.
  • You can utilise angular, curving lines descending from the elf’s shoulders. Try to keep in mind that these arms will be rather gangly and slender, as we previously indicated.
  • In contrast to the arm on our left, which will be resting on the elf’s lap, the arm on the right will be resting on the surface that the elf is sitting on.
  • We drew the arms that way, but you can adjust their placement if you’d like!


  • At this point, you can complete the elf’s legs.
  • It’s almost time to add some lovely holiday colours to your drawing, but there are still a few last elements to cover in this tutorial how-to-draw an elf on a shelf.
  • The elf’s legs will be the main components we add, but before you do, you can make the hands out of tiny circular forms.
  • The belt buckle can then be made up of two squares, and the strap can be made of two lines extending from the buckle.
  • The elf’s floppy legs can be created by adding more lines from the lap. Use rounded triangles at the ends of the legs to complete his shoes.
  • This elf needs a shelf to be more than simply an elf; therefore, draw that shelf beneath him using straight lines.
  • That wraps up the information in this guide, but before you proceed to the last step, feel free to add any additional information! Perhaps you could sketch a few of your favourite Christmas ornaments next to the elf.

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