1. Royal Pool
  2. 8 Ball Pool – Miniclip
  3. Pooking Billiards City – Mountain Game 
  4. Pool Billiards 3D – GameLord 3D 
  5. Pool Empire (8-Ball Pool Game) – HangZhou Mention Network Technology Co., Ltd. 
  6. Real Pool 3D – EivaaGames 
  7. 8 Ball Blitz – Special Tag 
  8. Pool Blitz – Cherry Pop Games
  9. Real Snooker 3D – EivaaGames 
  10. 8 Ball Smash (3D Pool Games) – HypGames
  11. Kings of Pool (Online 8 Ball) – Uken Games

1. Royal Pool 

Royal Pool is an eight-ball game that does not discriminate based on age or skill level of players. Also, there are unique boosts and methods to go through intermediate to difficult stages, so even new snooker or billiards players won’t find the game too challenging.

The goal of most players is to amass a sizable fortune through playing games and accumulating money. You’ll need a good stockpile of cash to buy powerups and adorn certain venues with before you can advance to the next level. It’s possible to buy more power-ups within the game itself.

We’ve provided a link to a downloadable 8-ball game in case you’re eager to get started right away with the fun of playing and embellishing your own personal royalscapes.

2. 8 Ball Pool  

Miniclip’s eight-ball pool game is groundbreaking, having been released over a decade ago. If you’re looking to win more coins, try playing this pool game in a tournament setting.

Challenge your Facebook friends and family to a game of 8-ball pool with only a few clicks. There are a number of factors that contributed to this game’s phenomenal success (500 million downloads and counting).

This game’s potential downside is that it can’t be played offline, which puts it at a disadvantage compared to other ball games.

8 Ball Pool

3. Pooking- Billiards City   

Pooking – Billiards City is a good option if you want to play a straightforward game of pool. In spite of its modest visuals and performance, the game’s gameplay more than makes up for its lack of bells and whistles.

This one is for all of you who like the first pool games. There is a wide variety of table forms and pocket arrangements to choose from. Despite the occasional advertisement, this free game is fun for everyone. As an alternative, you may pay for a “premium” version that does not include advertisements.

As one might anticipate, the game’s difficulty increases as one advances through its stages

Pooking- Billiards City 

4. Pool Billiards 3D

GameLord 3D’s Pool Billiards 3D, an 8-ball pool simulation launched only recently but with over 100,000 downloads to date, is a huge success. The visuals and animations of Pool Billiards 3D are high definition and, of course, the game is in 3D, just like the rest of the lineup.

Even if you’ve never played pool before, you’ll feel right at home with this app thanks to the included lesson. Anyone who wants to get into the pool game market would do well to start with Pool Billiards 3D.

Pool Billiards

5. Pool Empire (8 Ball Pool Game)

Pool Empire is a billiards game with a wide variety of options that makes it fun for a wide range of players. It features player-versus-player (PvP) combat, a campaign mode, and competitions. You’ll forget that you’re playing a 2D game thanks to the game’s enticing features and engrossing gameplay.

Aiming precisely with the help of the cue’s advanced settings, you can make the most of your finest shots and pocket as many balls as possible in the fewest possible strokes.

The games have a realistic feel, and the mood is quite similar to that of playing pool on a real table. These are all important reasons why Pool Empire has become so successful.

Pool Empire

6. Real Pool 3D

Real Pool 3D is a 3D pool game that lets you personalize the tablecloth with your favorite color, pattern, and even a character. Two key aspects of the game’s design have contributed significantly to its immense popularity, helping the game surpass five million downloads.

The game doesn’t force players to learn a single variant, instead providing them with a choice between 8-ball pool, 9-ball pool, and UK 8-ball pool.

Both “time trial” and “matrix” modes are certain to stick in your mind. In the first, you have 4 minutes to put as many balls in your pockets as possible. In the latter, your score improves if you pot a ball that is higher than the previous one, while it decreases if you pot a ball that is lower.

Real Pool 3D

7. 8 Ball Blitz   

The justification for playing 8 Ball Blitz with a big group of pals is strong. With this Snooker software, you can invite Facebook pals to play, and you can even talk to them in real time.

More gold, power-ups, and consumables may be earned by completing daily chores. They are essential to progress through the game and complete the later, more challenging stages.

Not even a year old at the time of writing, the game has already amassed a massive user base of five million people and counting. The game has engaging table layouts and cues that are a blast to use because to their powerful bonuses.

8 Ball Blitz

8. Pool Blitz

The players have a bit more in this pool game than in the majority of others. It’s a terrific choice for entertaining a large group because you can invite up to seven more players to watch and participate in the action.

You’ll want to be wary of a few traps and obstructions before sending the ball flying.

In addition, there is a “no-wait” multiplayer option that lets you get right into a match without having to wait for a lengthy matching process to locate a match. Snooker players from all around the world are available for online competition.

Pool Blitz

9. Real Snooker 3D 

EivaaGames has released another another snooker game, Real Snooker 3D, following the success of Real Pool 3D. The company’s origins are in India, and it has a long history of creating games including bowling, chess, and carrom.

This pool table can accommodate either a single player or two players at a time. If you’re a complete pool noob, don’t worry; there’s a practice mode that will help you get the hang of things.

You may modify the look of the tables, cloth, and cues to your liking.

Real Snooker 3D

10. 8 Ball Smash – 3D Pool Games 

As you go through the game and rack up wins, you’ll unlock new tables and unlock a variety of other benefits. Compete head-to-head against other players as you attempt to pocket as many balls as possible with as little shots as possible.

Players won’t have to wait around for a game to start since they’ll be put into one instantly. Because of this, it has become highly popular among individuals who want to play a quick game of pool without wasting time or bandwidth finding a suitable opponent.

Participate in online tournaments with others to acquire rare prizes. We don’t think you’ll ever get bored of 8-ball pool with all the daily tournaments there are to enter.

8 Ball Smash - 3D Pool Games

11. Kings of Pool – Online 8 Ball 

The pool mechanics are top-notch, and they work really well with the Android platform. In order to earn additional coins, players must engage in gameplay; the leaderboards may be consulted to gauge overall performance.

With the free online multiplayer option, users can take on the finest in the world. As an alternative, you may build a private pool hall where only your closest friends and family are allowed in. Those taking part can even have a conversation in-game in real time with one another.

Kings of Pool - Online 8-Ball

End Note 

At now, there are a plethora of available pool apps. It might be difficult to decide which offline baseball game to download. It’s normal to try a few different applications before settling on one you enjoy.

Our picks for the top three pool and billiards games, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, are Royal Pool, 8 Ball Pool, and Pooking – Billiards City. We promise that no matter the pool game you end up downloading from our list, you’ll have a great time playing it.

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