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A creative assignment tests your imaginative skills as well as thinking prowess. In a creative assignment, you will be asked to generate ideas or think about a particular problem in an out-of-the-box way. Though creativity comes naturally to a person, there are a few tricks that help you become creative. These tricks especially become useful when you have been assigned to do a creative task. You may or may not be a creative person, but in school or university, you might find yourself caught up with a creative assignment. 

It takes a lot of time in creating and then honing the creative skill. And, if you are looking for assignment help online for creative ideas, then it is likely that your deadline is approaching. In that case, you should only select the ideas, which are easier to understand and implementable. The following sections would give you the assignment help you need. Apart from that, this blog would also help you in learning how to think creatively?

Creative Ideas for Students

Get assignment help from a few creative ideas specified below. The ideas would aid you in being creative and finishing off your assignment quickly. 

  1. Non-Linear Story Telling: It is one of the best ways to develop and sharpen your creativity. A non-linear story is a story that does not follow the conventional chronological order. It means that the story can start from anywhere and end anywhere. It can begin from the climax and end at the starting scene. It is not only challenging for the storyteller to write a story like that, but also challenging for the readers to comprehend what is going on. 
  2. Spontaneous Speech: This will not only help you in honing your creative prowess but will also make you an effective communicator. In this task, you can call your friends and give them any topic to speak on. The topic can be anything and there will be no time for preparation. This is the best way to tune your mind to generate ideas quickly.
  3. One Sentence Story: Can you create a story out of a pencil? Well, if you can, then you can be skilled at this task. Here you will be given a simple sentence. Using that simple sentence, you would have to create a story that is entertaining and compelling. If you need a solid creative idea as assignment help, then nothing can be better than this. 
  4. Create Imaginative Games: If you wish to utilize your leisure hours productively, then you can use that time to develop creative games. Feel free to open your mind to develop games that are imaginative and also stress-free. For example, you can develop a game where you and your friends play different characters from different stories. Then, you can create a scene where those two characters interact. 
  5. Rewriting a Story: Here, rewriting does not mean paraphrasing. Instead of just changing the words, you and your friends can also imagine another ending to a story. For example, imagine a story where a rabbit beats a tortoise in that infamous race. This will open your mind to a lot of creative possibilities. 
  6. Creative Writing Prompts: A creative prompt is like a placard that suggests a scenario for you to become creative. For example, there might be a prompt where you will be given an embarrassing scenario. You would then be asked to write a funny story based on that. A creative writing prompt is an effective way to get your creative mind running at full speed. 
  7. Creative Essay Writing: If you cannot think about anything, just develop an idea for essay writing. Here, you can ask your friends to write a positive speech about the topic they don’t like. It will help boost your mind in thinking about something in a different way. It will also help in forcing your mind to try out different perceptions of a topic. 
  8. Writing a Journal: A journal is the most basic creative thing a non-creative person can do. Whether you are a creative person or not, you must have thoughts and feelings about something. In this task, you can write about those things to give your creative mind space. You should also remember that creativity, like everything else, comes from rigorous practice. Writing a journal regularly is the best way to start. 
  9. Writing a Story with Open Endings: An open-ending story is something that does not have one specific ending. If you are in some other field, and your dream is to become a scriptwriter, then this is the best task for you. You can allow your mind to think about a script and not be bothered about finishing it. Here, you would not have to worry about any rules, just take a paper and begin writing. You will be surprised by the kind of ideas your mind will generate. It will not only improve you as a storyteller but will also make you a creative person at work. 


A creative assignment is more difficult than it sounds. It is normal to look for assignment helper if you are not a creative person. Some of the ideas mentioned above would help you in developing a creative idea. However, it is beneficial to become a creative person in the long run and keep on practicing these ideas. Look for more assignment help online and curate the best creative ideas for practice. 

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