How can attendance management software benefit the schools in 2022?

eSchool software is providing a lot of benefits to all educational institutes, including schools, colleges, and universities. This software is really helpful for all the staff to take attendance of the students efficiently. We have discussed some highlights below the attendance management feature of eSchool software. 

Different way’s to take attendance 

The eSchool software has multiple ways to take the students’ attendance online. We have discussed multiple ways below where the teachers can easily take the attendance of the students in the class. 

Quick presence entry for Admin purpose  

eSchool software has a  quick presence entry screen that helps the admin and the teacher to take the attendance in a bulk amount. All the classes and divisions are displayed on the screen. On this screen, the admin needs to mark the absent roll numbers of the students. According to class and division, the list of all the students will be displayed. 

Class-wise attendance for the class teacher

A teacher can take the attendance of the students class-wise. The teacher can take attendance of students, class, and division-wise.

Subject-wise attendance 

The eSchool software can also help to take the attendance subject-wise. The teachers can apply the filter on the subject wise and can fill the attendance within a few clicks. All schools can set different criteria for the students. The schools can define the attendance percentage, color, and the many points in the filter area. The teachers can also take attendance. 

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Student Filter Criteria

With eSchool software, institutes can filter the students based on their attendance of the students. The schools can set different criteria for the students. The schools can define the different attendance percentages. According to the criteria, the eSchool offers the provision of filtering the students by which the students can filter the organizations very easily. 

eSchool attendance mobile app 

Taking attendance with the school mobile app is again a fingertip task for the employees to take attendance. Teachers can easily take attendance with the eSchool mobile app. 

According to the class division, and the subject that is assigned to the teacher, they can easily view a list of all students and can easily mark the attendance of students in the mobile app. 

Attendance Management Reports 

eSchool software provides all kinds of reports for attendance. Educational institutes can easily generate reports for present and absent. The schools can also easily generate reports according to class, division, and subject wise. eSchool software provides filters such as day-wise attendance, month-wise as well as year-wise, and also provides a summary dashboard. This also helps the management to take quick and right decisions based on the presence counts, average presence, and average absence of the students. 

It helps the management to take quick and right decisions based on the presence count, Absent count, Average presence, and Average Absent of the students. Attendance plays an essential role in any organization. But taking the attendance of any students and staff is a problematic task. The attendance management software helps the organization take attendance in a very easy and efficient manner. 

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