One of the most enjoyable game genres to attempt is hidden object games, which may be played on a computer. You must look attentively in hidden object games to find objects that are hidden from view. To discover the goods and finish a level, you must look carefully and, if necessary, look again. Hidden object games are both exhilarating and soothing at the same time. Consequently, a huge number of individuals throughout the world like this genre.

So have your spotting scope, sleuthing prowess, and searching abilities ready. The best free detective games for your PC are included in the list below.

1. Manor Matters

Manor Matters is a game that you must play if you like scary hidden object games! The goal of this Playrix game is to restore an ancient yet enigmatic house while discovering the reasons for its abandonment. Prepare to explore exciting settings, update each space, and unearth treasures from hidden object games!

Naturally, you will be working with Carl, your dependable butler, to do all of these tasks. You and your manservant will search rooms together for further clues. Prepare yourself to restore the home to stunning splendor as you solve additional secrets! Explore a complex, complicated story with many characters. You will undoubtedly lose yourself in hours of enjoyable gaming! Discover the Carlswood Manor’s history and demonstrate your sleuthing prowess to the world!

manor matters download PC free

2. Mystery Manor Hidden Objects

Imagine being confined to a spacious home that is filled with murky mysteries that the elusive and ambiguous Mister X has just left behind. Does this plot have enough creepiness to give you the chills? If so, be ready for the thrill of looking into strange crime scenes and interrogating tense crowds of individuals! Play Mystery Manor Hidden Objects to bring out your inner detective as you hunt for hints in unexpected places.

Join other online want tobe detectives in this Game Insight creation as you look for spectacular objects, keys, and clues. Use your skills to bring damaged relics back to their original splendor. Additionally, you may play the Mystery Manor Hidden Objects game offline if you regrettably do not have access to the internet. You may also put your talents to the test and participate in several mini-games.

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mystery manor download PC

3. House of Secrets Hidden Object

Playing House of Secrets Hidden Object will be a blast if you like more relaxed hidden object games. Find hidden things to challenge yourself with while looking for hints to solve complex puzzles. Unlike other hidden object games, House of Secrets Hidden Object is unique. You will have an in-game assistance nearby to start. You’ll be engrossed in this Big Bear Entertainment game as you search through at least 30 breathtaking levels in search of over 100 hidden things! 

house of secrets download free

4. Hidden Object Mystery Worlds

Are you eager to go on a global trip with hidden object games? As you go out to explore a huge universe of captivating mysteries, get your explorer boots and detective abilities ready. In Hidden Object Mystery Worlds, go on a journey through breathtakingly beautiful foreign hotspots, lost places, and amazing landscapes!

There are three different game modes to choose from in this Tamalaki hidden object game, and each one has specific objectives and tasks. The game’s more than 80 distinctive global settings and five unmatched tales are its strongest feature. Zoom in and out of scenes or scroll panels to change the focus of the screen to discover over 2500 objects. Without a doubt, the gorgeous graphics and dramatic background music will make you love playing Hidden Object Mystery Worlds on your PC.

hidden object mystery worlds download PC

5. Home Makeover Hidden Object

What if the house you grew up in was passed down to you by your parents but is in a terrible state? You’ll assist Emma in this game as she purges and transforms their home into something enticing. As you play the Home Makeover Hidden Object game right now on your PC, be ready to show off your talent as an interior designer and your sharp eyes!

Additionally, you may play the Home Makeover Hidden Object game offline and assist Emma in organizing the mess. One person’s garbage might be another person’s treasure, as the saying goes. You may utilize the money you make from selling your food to your neighbors to remodel and restore the splendor of your home. Choose from over 15 different game types. All of which include stunning sound effects and top-notch visuals.

home makeover download full version

6. The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery

The Secret Society Hidden Mystery is ideal for you if you want to tackle puzzling riddles and puzzles. As you complete more than 5500 objectives spread across several areas, a special experience awaits. Additionally, there are over 8000 hidden things that need to be found in order to figure out what happened to your uncle. You will play a game, and it has a narrative. In this magical, mystifying realm, you must figure out what caused your uncle to vanish. You must be vigilant and persistent to put together all the concealed items and clues in order to locate him. 

the secret society download PC

7. Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game

Check out Haunted Hospital Asylum Escape Hidden Objects Game for an added creepy touch, because the majority of hidden object detective games concentrate largely on adventures or criminal scenes. You won’t only seek for straightforward stuff in this game. To leave the frightening institution, you may need to locate a human brain and other unsettling items. Learn about the hospital’s eerie and sinister history.

Along with finding items, you can also earn points and prizes by playing some entertaining mini-games. Use the numbers you discovered inside the hospital to work on some anagrams. This genre of games, with all its riddles and mini-games, can undoubtedly aid with memory improvement. If you have a great eye for detail, you may solve the eerie mystery of this haunted hospital.

haunted hospital asylum download free

8. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

One of the coolest PC game activities during this epidemic is playing as a detective. You may devote all of your time to deciphering riddles and puzzles. In the Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure game, you have to save your companion before it’s too late when he is caught up in an unusual city.

In this ghost city, there are many secrets that need to be solved. Additionally, you will encounter intriguing experiences and go to several locations. You may play the game’s mini-games to attempt to defeat some of the creatures there.

hidden city download free

9. June’s Journey – Hidden Objects

In your leisure time, it’s a terrific idea to solve a case or play a decent mystery video game. The 1920s-themed hidden object game June’s Journey Hidden Objects includes stunning images and audio effects. You will assume the role of June Parker in the game, an amateur detective who will be attempting to solve various crimes’ problems. Naturally, it is not a simple task. Travel and use your abilities to look for materials that will aid in the case’s resolution. Download and play this hidden object game right now on your PC to experience June Parker’s life. 

June's Journey Game on PC

We are certain that you are as eager to play these hidden object games on your PC as we are. So, be ready to play for hours of nonstop thrill and adventure by brushing up on your detective abilities. Play these hidden object games now on Geometry Dash online!

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