The University of Colorado’s collegiate football team, the Colorado Buffaloes, plays their home games in Boulder, Colorado. The Buffaloes now compete in NCAA Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and are a part of the Pacific-12 Conference. Colorado once belonged to the Big 12 Conference. 

Mel Tucker is the current head coach of the Buffaloes, who presently play their home games at Folsom Field in Boulder. From the website cuatthegame, you can explore more about the team and you will always stay updated about them. In this article we will share all the recent updates that you need about the Colorado Buffaloes.

The history of Colorado Buffaloes

The Colorado Buffaloes have participated in 28 bowl games (12-16), which ranks 36th all-time, and have won 27 conference titles, 5 division titles, and a national title. Colorado football has had a lot of success in its more than 125 years of competitive play which we can learn from cuatthegame site, which began in 1890. 

On July 17, 2013, following Mike Bohn’s resignation and Ceal Barry’s interim appointment as acting athletic director, Rick George was announced as the sixth athletic director in the history of the programme.

In 1890, the Boulder campus hosted its first game of organised football. Early matches were played versus Utah and the School of Mines and resembled rugby more than contemporary football. Originally known as “Colorado Stadium,” the football stadium was inaugurated in 1924 and given the official name Folsom Field in November 1944 in honour of Coach Fred Folsom, one of the most renowned collegiate football coaches of the day.

The university’s collegiate athletic teams began using the moniker “Buffaloes” in 1934. The press has referred to them as the “Silver Helmets” and the “Frontiersmen” in the past. The first time a bison ran in a football game in Colorado was during the last game of 1934 against the University of Denver. A bison calf that had been hired from a nearby ranch ran beside the action. If you follow the cuatthegame podcasts then you may know more about their history.

The first and iconic national championship of Buffaloes

Under the guidance of head coach Bill McCartney, who led the club from 1982 to 1994, Colorado won its first national championship in 1990. Colorado won the Associated Press and Football Writers Association of America surveys, while Georgia Tech won the United Press International Coaches Poll and shared the national championship with them and this was the most important national championship for them as it was the first, you can find more info about the team if you check out the cuatthegame website. 

Colorado’s primary argument was that Georgia Tech had a more demanding schedule than Colorado did. In a rematch of the 1989 Orange Bowl Game, which Notre Dame won 21-6, Colorado ended the season with a 10-9 victory against Notre Dame. In the first week of the season, Colorado was rated #5, and their tie came against Tennessee, which was ranked #8. Regarding more updates of cuatthegame, keep reading.

With 12 seconds left in the game on a 4th and Goal try, the second week gave the Buffs a fright. Colorado suffered its lone setback of the year the following week when it was defeated 23–22 by Illinois, sending Colorado to #20 in the rankings. Colorado went on to defeat teams who were (at the time) rated as high as #3 Nebraska, #12 Washington, #22 Oklahoma, and #22 Texas. For the second time in a row, they finished the Big Eight Conference season 7-0. They defeated Notre Dame, who had been ranked number one until losing their second-to-last game in the regular season, to finish the season.

The firing of head coach Karl Dorrell

From the podcast hosted recently by Stuart Whitehair, we can find out that the team’s head coach Karl Dorrell has been fired from the position. You can check all updates like this from cuatthegame but as we are talking about the podcast, let’s see what exactly happened. The podcast was started with Stuart Whitehair along with Brad Geiger and Neil Langland and in that podcast they talked about the future of the programme as well as Karl Dorrell’s removal as head coach at the University of Colorado. 

They began by recalling the time of Karl Dorrell. Dorrell won Pac-12 Coach of the Year honours in 2020 despite having an 8-15 record at CU (6-9 in Pac-12 play). However, following a 4-0 start in Boulder, things quickly turned ugly, with the 2022 season’s debut setting records that were historically poor. If you are interested more about these cuatthegame updates then you should read this till the end.

Then they proceed to the press conference led by Chancellor Phil DiStefano, Interim Head Coach Mike Sanford, and CU Athletic Director Rick George. The statements made by George and DiStefano raised so many eyebrows and were so depressing that Sanford and the rest of the 2022 season were soon forgotten. In this cuatthegame podcast, many questions were raised regarding the firing of former head coach Karl Dorrell but it is good that the current Interim Head Coach Mike Sanford is taking good care of the team.


The website cuatthegame has all the updates about the University of Colorado’s football team and all news about their games and off the field news. The site has a perfect UI so you can easily get what you are looking for. 

The author Stuart Whitehair is in charge of most of the things, especially the podcasts where he invites many iconic players and board members and discusses various topics related to the University of Colorado football team. 

He began writing CU at the Game in 1996 with the intention of documenting every CU game He had attended since my first year, in 1980. The late great Fred “The Count” Casotti, a veteran CU administrator and member of the CU Hall of Fame, connected him to Dave Plati, the longstanding head of CU Media Relations, who kindly gave him access to the CU Archives as part of his research for the book and this is how the website cuatthegame was started.

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