Upholstery is that part of your fabric that covers your furniture, like your sofa or chairs. While on the one hand, it adds beauty and grandeur, on the other, it adds a constant worry. The delicate fabric can catch a stain quickly or gradually over time.

There are multiple ways to clean the upholstery without damaging the fabric. But would you do it alone or get a professional upholstery cleaning service is ultimately your call. But remember to ask yourself, how does a professional clean?

DIY Cleaning

When you see a stain, your first instinct is to use a damp cloth and rub it. Others might use harsh detergents or soaps and try to remove the stain. In doing this, all you are doing is damaging the fabric.

You will not be able to get rid of the mark, nor can you repair the damage done. Instead, use mild soap on a baby wipe and swiftly run it over the stain with one or two gentle movements.

You can also try to blot or dab the surface instead of brushing it. You can use clean water to remove the stain if it is fresh. However, remember to use little water, probably a few sprinkles, instead of wetting the surface. It might also help if you use a steam cleaner every week to ensure it is clean.

All about Professional Cleaning

When you think your upholstery is dirty beyond repair or has a tough stain, contact professional upholstery cleaning services. The first thing to do would be to check the furniture code. The code specifies whether you can use water-based solvents, solvent-based products, or neither.

The next step is using a vacuum cleaner to remove any excess dirt clogged the surface. It is essential to cover all corners, and use machines fit for heavy mechanical or industrial work. Most preferably, professionals use steam cleaners to dampen the surface without wetting it too much.

Upholstery shampoo, specifically designed for cleaning softer fabrics, works perfectly for removable stains. If the colours include grease, body oil, or wine stains, rubbing alcohol and vinegar are the best combination.

Secret Tricks

The trick is to massage the spot letting the solution sink in and do its work, followed by using cleansers or soaps. Not just cleaning but conditioning is another important part. Especially for leather products, using a conditioner prevents the material from cracking.

Perfectly designed bristles help remove stains effortlessly, leaving no signs of wear and tear. Saving the best for the last, a professional cleaning concludes after applying Scotchgard on the fabric as it helps to prevent further stains. This protective layer ensures that the next time you drop some liquid on the surface, it does seep in right away.

Instead, it forms a bead on the surface that you clean immediately. If you love keeping your furniture spotless, contact London Clean Carpet. Their team of professionals can help you in the most challenging situations so that you do not have to do it yourself.

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